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Join Founder and CEO of Move The Crowd, Rha Goddess for a special message for the year, guided meditation and intent setting event.

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In this three-part meditation series, Rha Goddess teaches you how to BE with your money

 Every morning you’ll receive an email with a small prompt and a short meditation to complete for that day. Rha gives you grounded transformational work that you can start doing right away to shift your relationship with money this month.

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This is an opportunity for you to evaluate your current program or product pricing

 It may not seem sexy...but if you want to execute on your vision, attract the right clients, and start moving in the direction of your venture’s financial sustainability, joining Monika for this workshop is a must.

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Permission to make a comeback granted

 Whether you are being called to rebuild from the ground up or learn how to joyfully expand to accommodate greater responsibility - this training will help you identify the most pivotal opportunity you have before you to thrive and help you architect the winning strategy to achieve it.

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Join us for a provocative fireside conversation

 with William Ury, co-founder of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation and world renowned expert on negotiation and mediation, and Rha Goddess, author of The Calling, co-founder of White Awakening and Co-CEO of nFormation.

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Crucial times call for big questions - Who are you?

 This Masterclass is dedicated to those who are being called - to change, to shift, grow and/or evolve out of your current role and into a new chapter of life and contribution.

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In our on-demand video training, we’ll teach you the top ten reasons your ideal audience is buying -- and how you can authentically tap into their desires to make authentic, value-focused sales.

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Fear can become debilitating - Stopping us from reaching our true potential.

Over the course of 5 days, we’ll be highlighting the top 5 fears our MTC coaches have heard from the clients they work with, how they guided them to overcoming those fears and even challenging you to take small steps to conquer them for yourself.

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Tested tools and guidance designed for success regardless of your goals.

The 90 Day Action Plan gives you a step by step process to make your plan, access to experienced coaches who can help refine your goals, plus best-in-class tracking templates and printable PDFs to help you set up your next 90 days in as little as 15 minutes.

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Tap into the power of your inner strength.

Tackle fear, anxiety, and inner chaos in just three days with daily meditation, prompts, and mantras.

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Make peace with making more money in just 90 minutes.

The average Move The Crowd family member reports not only a growth in their income but in feeling good about their impact! Sign up for this free Masterclass.

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