You’re mission driven, you’re doing good, and you’re staying true to your values.

Now, all you need to do is get paid -- we know you (and your bank account) are ready for that!

But we also know you might be worried that selling will feel sleazy and gross. You don’t want to annoy your friends and family, make a ton of dead-end cold calls, or start desperately passing out flyers on the street corners.

So….how are you going to go from being the best kept secret in town, to actually making sales?


And how can the whole process feel aligned to your values and authentic to your core self?

We’d love to suggest that the most powerful next step you can take in your business is to learn

how to move others into authentically saying YES to you and your offer.

In our on-demand video training, we’ll teach you the Top 10 Reasons your ideal audience is buying

-- and how you can authentically tap into their desires to make authentic, value-focused sales. This training is perfect for the entrepreneur who is:

  • Already having 1:1 sales conversations in their business
  • Ready to do sales in a way that isn’t stereotypically “salesy”
  • Dedicated to making a difference through their work
  • Looking for a simple way to deal with objections on sales calls

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True. Paid. Good.
Live. Love. Lead.

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