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What would it mean to you to achieve your dream goal this year? What if you could be incredibly supported along the way?

Now’s the time to take advantage of this special holiday coaching offer where you’ll receive masterful guidance and support around your greatest aspirations for 2024. Our introductory True.Paid.Good. 3-Session Coaching Package is here to empower you. And during these final weeks of December, enjoy an unbeatable $500 discount off the original price! Use the discount code TS500 to claim your offer.

In these coaching sessions we’ll:

  • Go to work on the most pressing opportunity or challenge you want to address in 2024.
  • Help you get crystal clear about the most viable strategy for achieving your goal.
  • Lovingly cheer you on and hold you accountable as you engage in the vital actions and practices that will deliver on your dream results.

Our coaches bring decades of experience in helping awesome entrepreneurs, leaders and change agents just like you achieve at the highest levels.

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"If your goal is to be a soulful, conscious creator and contributor to the world, where your story and identity are at the core of your business, then Move The Crowd's methodology, coaches, courses and community are what you have been looking for. They do not just offer cookie cutter slogans and shallow entrepreneurial strategies and tactics. Everything they offer is original, well thought-out, rigorously and creatively designed, and compassionately delivered."

Jacqueline J.

Organizational Psychologist

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