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Taking Stock

Honor The Road You’ve Traveled And Create Your Vision for an Extraordinary 2024


Are you ready to take the reins? Are you ready to live your life, define your own success, and create a future that's truly extraordinary?

Join us for this exclusive "Taking Stock Event 2023," where you'll get to celebrate all that you’ve achieved and learned in 2023 as you set the stage for an incredible 2024.

Learn how to leverage everything you’ve gained this year to make 2024 your most exceptional year yet.

Why Take Stock?

Interactive Learning

Engage with our expert coaches, pitch master, Michael C. Clark and creative business specialist, Stephanie Staidle, as they guide you through our four signature areas of reflection with thought-provoking questions.

Year-End Best Practices

Learn our best practices for finishing 2023 strong and setting the stage for an awesome 2024.

Goal Setting

Discover how to create meaningful goals and develop a winning plan to achieve and celebrate them.

Downloadable Guide

Receive our Downloadable Guide so that you can draw on your reflections as you set new goals for the year ahead.

Taking Stock Tradition

Be a part of an important Move The Crowd community tradition that will empower you to reflect on your past, harvest valuable lessons, celebrate big milestones and create a plan for the future.


Unlock Your Potential

In this transformative event, you will:

✓ Take stock of your journey, celebrate your accomplishments, and appreciate your unique story.

✓ Harvest the invaluable lessons from your past experiences to shape your future.

✓ Tie up any loose ends and create a plan to achieve and acknowledge completion.

✓ Celebrate all that you’ve learned and accomplished with a loving and supportive community.

This is your opportunity to complete one phase of work and begin a new one with a fresh perspective.

Join the Move The Crowd Family

If this is your first experience with Taking Stock, get ready to feel empowered and poised to conquer the world! Our community has cherished this uplifting event for a reason—it's more than just rehashing the past. It's about finding your vision, connecting with the right resources and influences , and building a powerful action plan for the road ahead.

Finish 2023 Strong and Embrace A New Vision for 2024

Join us as we walk you through our four signature areas of reflection with guided questions that will enable you to authentically reflect on your journey thus far. Don't miss this highly interactive and engaging event!

"Cultivate a new definition for success, one that includes more money, more joy, and less struggle."

 - Rha Goddess, The Calling


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