The Overcoming Your Fears Challenge is now a podcast!

This five day challenge is adored by the Move The Crowd community. It's helped over 400 change-makers step out of fear and into action. Now, you can access it easier than ever via podcast.

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We asked our coaches to track the most common fears our beloveds face

The first five here were heard over and over in call after call. So, we knew we needed to tackle them first. Then, as we were building the challenge on Instagram a new fear surfaced from the first round of beloveds in the challenge, Fear of Being Seen. Rha Goddess, herself, our founder and CEO, stepped in to give us the tools to overcome that newest fear. Now, you can have all the tools to overcome each fear from our three coaches, Stephanie, Monika, and Rha.

Fear holds us back from our greatest drive: to answer our calling

Are you struggling to make progress but you can't name the fear holiding you back just yet?

That's alright! We understand. The great part of the podcast is that you do get to sit with each of the fears as our coaches walk you through how these fears present themselves. You also get access to the five day email series with tips on how to identify each fear and how to stop letting it control you.


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