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Get ready to change the way you think about wealth and make a difference with Rha Goddess, the entrepreneurial soul coach who will guide you towards your goals.
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Making Money,

Making Change

Build Your Business, Make a Profit, and Serve the World – all at the same time.

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Together, let’s develop a more empowering relationship with money

Many of us have been taught to believe that in order to be successful financially, we have to sacrifice our time, energy, and values. We may even be led to believe that we have to give up our true selves.

This mindset can lead us to assume that achieving wealth is hard, complicated, and forces us to choose between what we want and what we think we need. It doesn't have to be that way.

It's important to note that burn-out and money-related anxiety are common, but it's not the only way. Let's work together to change our mindset and create a new way of thinking about wealth and abundance in our lives.

Money doesn’t have to be this hard

Imagine being able to pursue your passion, make a positive impact in the world and use all your unique talents, all while being financially successful. It may seem too good to be true, and you might be feeling a mix of emotions, but it is very possible.

Rha's teachings provide a revolutionary and practical perspective on wealth as she guides you to new possibilities and practical ways to improve your relationship with money.

This six-part course will empower you to take part in a new kind of economy - one that resonates with your values and allows you to fully express yourself. You will break free from limiting beliefs, identify and use your unique talents, and confidently create an economy that benefits you and the world. It's within your reach – let's do this together.

Your blueprint for

redefining and attaining financial success

Rha wants to help you redefine your relationship with wealth and make a difference. Her audio course, Making Money, Making Change, is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve financial success while staying true to themselves and making a positive impact on the world.

Through this course, our students have been:

This is a powerful opportunity to take control of your financial future.

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“The vibration of the currency of money already belongs to you,” Rha teaches, “and accessing this energy is your birthright.”

Making Money, Making Change introduces a new and provocative perspective on money as an energy source for abundance and positive impact. Change your mindset, take control of your financial future.

When you complete this new course, you’ll be empowered to:

  Discover and re-write the stories about money you've inherited

•  Uncover a more enduring, cosmic, and enriching understanding of wealth

  Define your greatest impact on the world and align it with your purpose

  Assert your right to fully participate in the economy in a way that energizes you

  Conquer obstacles and take decisive, bold action towards financial success

  Enhance your connection with Source, the true origin of all abundance

You can achieve financial success without sacrificing your well-being or values. Let's break free from the limiting beliefs and create a new relationship with money.

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