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You’re in!

You’re in!

We can’t wait for you to begin the journey of redefining your relationship with wealth, starting with watching the Making Money Making Change event replay

Video Length: 3:15:00

In this class we will help you:

Making Money, Making Change is your step-by-step blueprint for defining and achieving a new kind of financial success.

Finally, you’ll get clear about your current state with Money. You will see what is possible for you in terms of moving from where you are, to where you want to be. You will get clear about what “the work” is.

With the Making Money, Making Change audio course, Rha Goddess shares a new, provocative definition of money as an all-loving, all-providing energy that permeates every living being—including you.

When you get this audio course, you’ll be empowered to:

Unearth and rewrite
your inherited stories around money

Discover a more timeless, cosmic, and life-affirming definition of wealth

Clarify your highest contribution to the world and align with your purpose

Reclaim your right to fully participate in our economy in a way that enlivens you

Overcome obstacles and take bold, courageous action toward financial success

Up-level your relationship with Source, the true origin of all abundance

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