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Michael Clark
Senior Coach + Trainer

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Michael C. Clark is an accomplished CEO, pitching coach, and consultant specializing in sales and pricing strategy. He has successfully served as a valuable consultant for numerous organizations and individuals, guiding them to boost their revenue through effective packaging and pricing strategies. Michael's expertise has been instrumental in helping businesses scale and expand their operations.

With an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Michael has gained extensive experience consulting for top Fortune 100 corporations and providing his insights to prominent Wall Street law firms. He has honed his communication, marketing, and sales skills through practical application and holds a Bachelor's degree in communications from William Paterson University in New Jersey.

Michael excels in coaching a diverse range of individuals, from the shy and introverted to ambitious pioneers. He has developed a methodology that empowers coaches, consultants, founders, and entrepreneurs to deliver confident and compelling pitches without coming across as pushy or robotic. Thanks to Michael's coaching, his clients have achieved remarkable fundraising results, securing funding ranging from $10,000 to $20 million dollars.

Apart from his consulting work, Michael is highly sought after as a speaker and frequently presents at conferences and events. His captivating talk, titled "5 Secrets to Instantly Improve Your Pitch," has empowered numerous individuals to establish immediate rapport, credibility, and meaningful relationships with potential clients, customers, or audiences.

Michael firmly believes in the power of a pitch as the ultimate conversion tool, capable of transforming a stranger into a client within 60 seconds or less. Through his coaching and guidance, entrepreneurs and startups gain the competitive edge they deserve, enabling them to thrive and differentiate themselves even in saturated markets. With Michael's unique ability to instill incredible confidence, his clients are empowered to unleash their full potential and achieve remarkable success.

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"Monika helped me learn how to work smarter which resulted in better structures, less stress, more free time and a $100k revenue increase over the previous year. "

- Client Kristin Moses

Founder + Creative Director, Design Good

"I have worked with Monika for over a decade. I found her to be a skilled and adept executive coach. Our theatre survived the 2008 economic downturn, a global pandemic and maintained a seven figure operating budget over the past fifteen years. This would not have been possible without Monika’s wise counsel."

- Client Teresa Coleman Wash,

Executive Director of Bishop Arts Center in Dallas Texas

"In 2017 I conducted 49 Mirror Memoirs, gave 30 keynotes/webinars/workshop presentations, testified in front of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, and launched my consulting practice with the LA County Dept of Public Health as my first client-what a year! Thanks, Monika!"

- Client Amita Swadhin

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