Born To Shine Retreat

Homework & Resources

We have provided homework, resources and supporting materials for you to reference from your time in Santa Barbara, CA.

All content is for BTS VIP Day Cohort eyes only - i.e. confidential and part of MTC's curriculum


1. Your Vision Board: Keep boarding! Play your song - dance with your board, enhance it if you like, spend time each day connecting with the images, words, concepts and ideas - let the board speak to you! Keep breathing the words of your song into your visions.

2. Terror Barrier: Listen to the talk again - review the chart on the Terror Barrier. Keep observing where fear arises and wants to take you out of the game. Keep noticing where you circle back to safety vs. where you lean into that fear. Keep dancing with and redefining your relationship with the unknown. Welcome the magic and miracles that live in the mystery. Keep taking devotional actions towards what you desire to achieve. 

The Growing Edge: Review the charts on the Terror Barrier and the Growing Edge. Where are you ripe and ready to take the next growth action?  Continue the practice of following the guidance - allow it to grow your capacity to achieve more of what you want. 

4. Thought Leadership: Review your personal notes from this deep dive session.  Revisit the Evangelical Model as appropriate. What is the next step for you here as it relates to strengthening and cultivating your voice and your expression? 

5. Models/Monetization: Review your personal notes from this deep dive session.  Revisit your Revenue Models and Business Model Criteria worksheets as appropriate. Consider what you want to call in this year as it relates to your revenue - what specific guidance are you receiving about what actions you need to take? 

6. Co-Creation: Review your personal notes from this deep dive session.  Revisit the Terror Barrier and Growing Edge distinctions to determine where you want to practice transforming that invisible line between you and what you aspire to achieve. Use this insight to inform your vital actions and practices over the next 90 days.

7. BE-ing Massive: Rewatch the BE-ing Massive Deep Dive. Use the BE-ing Massive Checklist to take an inventory of where you are in relation to the 3 Types of Massive index. Identify what vital actions or practices are important to include in your action plan for the next 90 days. Use the Cultivating Beloved Community handout to begin to map your relationships. Identify one relationship or area you want to strengthen through your 90 Day Action plan. 

8. CPR/90 Day Action Plan/Needs Assessment: Create your CPR for the next 90 Days…use that to influence the ONE game changing goal you want to work towards this quarter in your 90 Day Action Plan.  Use the Needs Assessment worksheet to identify the most pivotal gaps in resources and capacity that need to be closed.  Let these insights influence your strategy i.e. the vital actions and practices you’re going to take on over the next 90 days.


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Below is a collection of wonderful reads that are suggested by Rha and as a collective group: 

Steven Pressfield:

The War of Art

Turning Pro

The Daily Pressfield

Isabel Wilkerson: 

The Warmth of Other Suns


Robert Dilts: 

Changing Belief Systems w/ NLP

Dr. Bruce Lipton: 

Biology of Belief



Hopi Elders - We Are The Ones 

Steven Pressfield- Going To The Gym In The Dark


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