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Voting Day 2019: Are You a Change Agent?

Today is the day to vote in many regional elections. November 6, 2019 is voting day and your vote counts. At Move the Crowd, we work with people in various arenas of business life and social justice. People who are passionate about using their vote to affect change take the responsibility to engage in society seriously.  We want to take this important day as an opportunity to guide you through some reflections. You are reading this because you are interested in impacting the world… in DOING GOOD. You are reading this because you are someone who is interested in leaving a legacy. Your personal interest and investment is probably higher than your peers.

Does My Vote Matter?

Voting rights and the right to vote are issues in play in our culture today. People who are deeply about voting equality are often the same people who vote carefully and thoughtfully. Our community at Move the Crowd is full of people who use their voice strategically in the public sector to create social change. You may feel like… You care MORE than most people You SEE more than most people You have a HUNGER to understand what is going on You have a careful FRAMEWORK for assimilating the news You see the OPPORTUNITY for change Maybe most importantly… You BELIEVE that change is possible. And, it is. Because you are here. And you are awake. And you can be an agent of change.

How to Be an Agent of Change

Seeing yourself as someone who is making a difference in the world may require some identity adjustments and even paradigm shifts. But when you are in alignment, you are oriented to see all of your contributions as worthy. This leads to peace and success. As an illustration, we will pose two questions and give examples of ways other people in the Move the Crowd community have answered them. Let this exercise encourage you to reflect meaningfully on the ways you make a difference and what barriers may stand in your way.

What are the top 10 reasons I don’t consider myself a change agent?

  • I’m not working myself to death 24/7 righting wrongs in the world
  • I don’t engage in a lot of political action (like rallies, letter writing campaigns, calling representatives)
  • I’m not angry all the time
  • I’m not loving all the time
  • I’m not like Paul Farmer
  • I enjoy eating well, having a decent standard of living. To be a change agent you have to be willing to suffer for your beliefs
  • I’m not well educated or well informed about everything
  • I haven’t started any petitions, organized rallies, participated in occupy wall street, made art about social or economic or environmental justice issues
  • I feel like there are so many people out there who do so much more than me, and I don’t count as a change agent compared to them
  • I often feel overwhelmed by all of the huge issues and injustices in the world. 

 What are the top 10 reasons I believe I am a change agent?

  • I do care about people, about economic, social, and environmental justice.
  • I’m working with Move the Crowd. 
  • I engage in conversations around equality, racism, economic justice, social justice with a perspective of how I perpetuate the status quo vs. align who I am and what I do to break the cycles of inequality and injustice.
  • I so want to be a change agent that it scares me. 
  • I have the intention of bringing mindfulness and love to all of my actions and interactions
  • I dream of a more loving, more just, more sustainable world. 
  • I vote
  • I continuously put myself in situations that call forth my highest self, highest vision for the world, and ask me to look at how I can make a difference
  • I hold the intention to make a difference with my work, on a personal and societal level
  • I am changing the ways people engage with gender and dance through the ways I teach and organize dance 

 Some basic principles we hold at Move the Crowd about living into your purpose is that purpose can be profitable. You can make a living doing what you love. And what you want to do is good. We support people who are in it to win it… and who are passionate about doing good. Stepping into your calling is the only way to truly maximize your potential, make an impact and be fulfilled. Pre-order our CEO, Rha Goddess’s, new book The Calling now. You will get this amazing book as well as automatic inclusion into our Insider’s Club. This is a place to get exclusive content and plug into a vibrant community of people who are actively initiating change in their communities around the nation and around the world. Join us on the journey.

More on Making Change: Your Big Dreams

Do you have a BIG dream for your life and life’s work? Does the distance between where you are now and where you want to be seem really far? Do you get overwhelmed when great things happen? Are you a natural overachiever who has a tendency to get burnt out? Are you aware of what specific actions make the difference vs. which ones do not? If you’re looking to add major velocity and ease to your game and learn how to seize your moment in a whole new way. CLICK HERE to view the FB live video from Rha Goddess.  

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