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The Nine Disciplines of Manifestation

We hear a lot about manifestation in the mainstream these days, the idea that “you create your reality” has become almost fully adopted into modern culture. Although this concept feels new, it has existed for thousands of years. Manifestation is a natural part of human existence. And we have the power to create in tangible form what we see and can conceive in our minds.

Some of the classic texts on this subject include: As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen, Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl, and my all-time favorite, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

As part of my spiritual work, I practice the art and science of manifestation. For me, it incorporates 1) visioning, 2) managing my energy, 3) controlling and focusing my thoughts and actions, 4) expressing gratitude and appreciation.

When you consider your purpose in this life and submit to the kind of consistent thought processes and actions required to make your vision real, no matter how big, it will manifest. But it takes a certain level of discipline and commitment to manifest your visions consistently. When you consider your purpose in this life and submit to the kind of consistent thought processes and actions required to make your vision real, no matter how big, it will manifest.

In these next paragraphs, I outline the Nine Discipline of Manifestation that will help your inner dreams, desires and goals to flourish in the outer world.

1. The Discipline of Thought

Thoughts are a powerful and creative force. It is important to control your thoughts so that you are creating only what you want and what is needed for your vision. Thoughts create words, words create your reality. This discipline requires thoughtfulness and mindfulness to use these powerful tools wisely.

2. The Discipline of Vision

Having a clear and compelling picture of the future of your business or career and the important aspects of your life is critical. We naturally move toward the pictures we create. Creating a clear vision also requires aligning your values, your purpose, and your lifestyle so you are moving with a harmonious picture of your ideal future. The more time you take to make this picture clear the more you can make a clear ask of the Universe. This clear picture will also allow others to join your vision and support you.

3. The Discipline of Self-Awareness

Developing an honest knowledge of self leads to growth and self-mastery Being clear about your identity, your process, your values, your intentions, how you see and orient to your environment, and your impact helps align your awareness. This alignment allows you to accept support and feedback and to see your blind spots. The more aware you are, the more you can move personal blocks out of your way..

4. The Discipline of Internal and External Scanning

The founder of the Gestalt Organizational Systems Development Center and my mentor and teacher, John D. Carter, was clear that individuals and teams who effectively scan their internal and external environment and draw important insights from what the observe will always outperform those who do not. Scanning enables you to naturally self-correct and move with the most complete “what is” picture or understanding of your current reality. This discipline allows you to answer the question, “What is needed now?” in every moment and move with that discernment.

5. The Discipline of Strategy

Strategy is a focused plan of action that allows you to move effectively towards your vision. It requires all of the other disciplines to create and execute. It takes all the information at your disposal and allows you to discern the key actions to drive your vision forward.

6. The Discipline of Relationship

No one does anything alone. Building powerful relationships with others who believe in your vision and your ability to execute it is critical. You need people with different gifts at different stages of your development. Some only need to agree with you for the moment, some bring you critical information, and some honor you with a lifetime relationship. Others may be critical, yet if you listen deeply you may discover new information hidden in their judgement. This can strengthen your resolve and commitment. Honor all the people who come to you in support of your vision and the role they play. Value and hold sacred those life partners put in your path to teach you and support your vision.These relationships are critical and – ideally –– they will be mutually beneficial.

7. The Discipline of Consistent Action

All the disciplines require the practice of action There are tangible tasks that need to be performed by you or others. There’s your spiritual practice that keeps you grounded, centered, and working to live out your values. Consistent action is the discipline to execute on all things needed now, and continuing to scan for and discern what is needed as the world changes. Consistency breeds mastery.

8. The Discipline of Listening

Listening happens on many levels. It’s more than hearing the words someone is saying or not saying. The discipline of listening deeply at all levels requires you to be grounded and observant. Disciplined listening takes effort and new levels of processing. The discipline of listening to your spirit is essential to discerning what is needed in each moment.

9. The Discipline of Obedience

It takes time to train the ego to submit and surrender, to listen and obey. Obedience is about obeying your spirit, intuition, and purpose. After you receive your answer, your job is to obey. Obedience is the act of saying “yes” to the Universe’s request and following through. This is what allows you to take one step and the Universe to meet you the rest of the way. Mastering these disciplines doesn’t have to take a lifetime, just the attempt makes miracles possible. Mastering these disciplines increases self-mastery. Self-mastery allows you to navigate your environment and to create a life perfectly suited for you.

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