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We are SO excited to be providing this amazing resource to you… for FREE! Move the Crowd founder and CEO Rha Goddess has written a brand new book called The Calling: 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid and Do Good Here’s Rha’s offer to you: The Calling will change your life. I offer insight, stories and guidance for you to embrace and succeed by living in your authentic self.

I am not requiring any additional buy-in for you to access the True.Paid.Good Online Summit.

You need these messages. You need this encouragement and inspiration. I am offering it to you for free. The first round of people engaging in the True.Paid.Good Summit will start together in October. We encourage you to pre-order The Calling and sign up for this summit NOW so that you can be a part of this first wave community.

We know that we are better together! People in the Move the Crowd community have made meaningful and lifelong connections with each other. Join our family and get moving into your future by working through this content together, starting now.

Once you pre-order the book, you will receive an email invitation to sign up for the True.Paid.Good Summit and invitations into your other Inside Club benefits.

I cannot wait to lean into your dreams. These resources would normally cost about $597 but they are our gift to you for pre-ordering The Calling and engaging with the True.Paid.Good Summit. All of this is just my way of saying Thank You for taking this journey with me.

What You Get in This Free Online Course

Manifesting Your True.Paid.Good. Online Summit  3 Cities. 21 Influencers. 3 Fierce Dialogues on Passion, Purpose, and Profit. This 4 hour mini conference (or dialogue series) valued at $255 is yours FREE when you pre-order The Calling by Rha Goddess. Here’s What You’ll Learn At The True.Paid.Good. Online Summit 

  • Discover the #1 reason why most people hide out and what you can do to STOP!
  • Learn how to turn your passion and ideas into real products, real clients and real $$.
  • Be inspired by front line stories of how to truly make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Get step by step guidance on how to best prepare for and use the book.
  • Leave with the best tips, tools and insights from some of the most provocative game changers of our time.

Is This Online Summit Right for You?

You might think that you...

  • Aren’t really clear about what you want
  • Aren’t confident or strong enough to go for it
  • Don’t have enough money
  • Don’t have enough time
  • Don’t know enough to be qualified 
  • Can’t juggle it all
  • Can’t catch a break
  • Are climbing uphill or spinning your wheels with no end (relief) in sight
  • Are working way too hard but not seeing the results
  • Will never make meaningful change

You want to…

  • Step out in faith but feel overwhelmed
  • Want to monetize your passion by producing consistent revenue
  • Need confidence in yourself and our ideas
  • Have many passions and need direction
  • Have a creativity within yourself that deserves to be honored

If you are ready to move on from where you are into higher levels of success, this is the right experience for you.

Most Popular Online Influencers in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco

These Influencer Days were meeting of the minds of some of the most powerful and successful thought influencers in our culture today. These are the people who are moving and shaking… who are powerfully disrupting and leading the way into a brighter future, all while getting paid what they deserve to do it. You will get to listen in, watch, read and benefit from powerful conversations. You will get access to a four-hour mini conference of material from three True.Paid.Good Summits:

Stay True: New York City

In New York, we focused round-table discussions and hot Q & A sessions on how to stay true. Success is a function of alignment, so your ability to be your true self is vital to walking your calling. You will hear from some amazing influencers, including:

  • Claudia Chan
  • Amanda Steinberg
  • Jamia Wilson
  • Citi Medina
  • Syreeta Gates
  • Queen Afua

Get Paid: Los Angeles

Our LA influencers are some powerful people who have made their heart into their hustle into their success. Hear straight from them how they did it and learn how you can too:

  • Julia Ahumada-Grob
  • Ted McGrath
  • William Caballero
  • Lauren Von Der Pool
  • Nicola Pidgeon

Do Good: San Francisco

In San Francisco, we had conversations about the journey to success. What do you have to leave behind? What do you have to do to get there? Real advice from real people who have done the hustle. This may be the word you need to break through. There’s no risk in finding out. Our featured San Fran influencers included:

  • Kedma Ough
  • Rue Mapp
  • Melinda Epler
  • Alicia Jay
  • April Alvarez

In these Summits, thought leaders and influencers in each of these cities came together, led by  Rha, and enjoyed meaningful discussions, roundtables and sessions that were all recorded for you. Access to the True.Paid.Good virtual Summit will begin in October.

By launching with us, you will work through the content with a like-minded community that you can engage with in real-time as you all share the experience. We urge you to sign up now by pre-ordering The Calling. All of those feelings of discouragement when you look at the gap between your present and what you want in your future can be resolved. The True.Paid.Good Summit can provide you with the best next steps to move from stalemate to rock star

Community is a place where you hear stories of real people who are starting out, have made it and are moving into greater spheres of influence and joy. Success isn’t just about money (although that’s important, too!). Success is about holistic healing, hope and vision.  Move the Crowd invites you into community in so many ways, so if you get inspired through this Summit to want to engage with us through the launch of The Calling and beyond… by all means, reach out! We want you to benefit from how each influential person in our family is making an impact in their lives and industries. We got you. Join us!c

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