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Businesses need customers, but how do you get them without spending a fortune? Evangelical marketing. This powerful strategy can help you tap into a massive pool of potential customers who are already interested in your offer. So what is evangelical marketing and how can you use it?

It's Not Marketing. It's a Movement.

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The term movement is very hot right now. But it has a long history within the realm of doing good. Often, when we hear this word we think of rallies and thousands if not millions of people holding up signs, chanting or following a specific leader who is teaching a specific doctrine.

As Rha Goddess shared in Chapter 13 of The Calling, the way that we think about movements over the last 10 years has shifted considerably. Those traditional strategies of organizing and engaging still exist, but now they are joined by a whole new set of agendas, tools and strategies.

Moreover, as movements have evolved and become more multi-faceted, movement leaders have discovered multiple ways to engage a wide array of constituents- some even without leaving the comfort of their living rooms. Just as we’ve taken back economy, I want to give you the same permission to embrace the concept of movement and to create a clear vision for your participation that totally aligns with your calling.

If you're aiming for simply trying new marketing tactics, that alone won't get you there. You're looking to build a movement.

We offer an upcoming live group coaching session on July 21st in The Calling Community and downloadable guide to getting started with growing your platforms with our evangelical model. This is step one to building your movement.

You've got nothing to lose but A LOT to gain. Click here to get started.

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We’ve coached powerful movements that create lasting impact and generate real wealth.


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