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From Over-Achiever To Burnout: How We Fall For Having It All

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In our society, we are constantly bombarded with messages telling us that we need to do more, be more, and have more. We are led to believe that if we just work a little harder, we can have it all. But what is "it all"? And is it really worth sacrificing our health, our relationships, and our sanity?

The conversation around "having it all" has always been a bit out of hand. We get marketing campaigns confused with how we ought to live our lives and end up sacrificing our true priorities in the process. It's time to take a step back and reassess what we really want and need out of life.

Context matters because it guides how we approach everything from making money to choosing the right partner. And our "context" is shaped by what we believe. If we believe that there is not enough (time, money, love etc.) then we develop a scarcity based mentality that produces a reality called "not enough." This belief system can sabotage our success.

This "reality" can encourage us to become reactive (read: defensive) or try to fix our situation by over-striving or compromising. Neither of these creates fulfillment. Instead, they lead to a cycle of burnout and resentment. To break free from this cycle, we need to change our beliefs about what we really want.

As entrepreneurs and cultural innovators, we must ask ourselves "what is important to me and my community?" (aka "what do I truly value?") We all need to know what matters most. If you don't, someone else will tell you. And once you know what matters most, you can begin to build a life and business that serve your true calling.

In our Move The Crowd community, success is about alignment. And being in tune with your vision-mission-purpose is the essential all-access pass to a life you love. When you engage what matters you recognize that the world is abundant and you see choice as a privilege not a consequence. Therefore when you do choose, you choose from a place of being empowered vs being deprived. 

If you're looking to make real, lasting change in your life, we have the community to help you stay focused and in alignment. The Calling Membership gives you the tools and guidance you need to put the concepts of Stay True, Get Paid and Do Good into action. With immediate and ongoing access to your True Paid Good Assessment, you'll be able to recognize if your "productivity" is actually true to your vision-mission-purpose and create a plan that's perfect for you. 

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