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A Sacred Pause For The Cause

To be a seeker is a gift and a privilege in a world gone mad.Gurumayi Chidvendasanda 2020 Message: Ātmā kī Prashānti (”Peacefulness of the Self”)

Well Family, Here we are. Me and you in a moment of truth that can be both terrifying and exhilarating. Terrifying because the nature of this infectious agent continues to spread and there is still so much that we do not know. Exhilarating because deep down all of us understand that we are standing on the precipice of something bigger. We are watching our global society reinvent itself in the blink of an eye. And we are watching our fellow citizens stare this pandemic down with the kind of creativity, compassion, imagination and humor that will literally take our consciousness to the next level. Are we really that powerful? I believe we are. At the top of 2020 many of us dove in like we were shot out of a cannon, with a kind of intensity, urgency and tenacity that said: “New decade?! - let’s make it happen!!!” And WE commenced to overstretching, overreaching and over-striving with a rigor and force that was unprecedented. We were promising and pressurizing all over the place. And we were NOT breathing! So, the universe, in its infinite wisdom has given all of us a reason to pause. 2020’s cosmic energy (4 in numerology) is all about foundation and in our New Year’s Message at the top of the year I talked about the work that each of us would be called to do in order to re-align with our respective paths and callings. When it comes to success and achievement, we’ve been conditioned to bring our focus and attention to striving in the external world. We believe that our greatest progress lives “out there.” So much so that it takes great effort to sit still, even for 5 minutes! Even in the face of a rampant virus. (Raise your hands if you’ve had to sit your 75 year old parents down and tell them they can’t go to bingo this week! -LOL) It is important to laugh in these times.To observe ourselves as we respond to this mega crisis which has become an awesome opportunity. Foundation - what is the nature of your foundation right now? It’s time to slow down and take an honest inventory. In a recent meditation, I asked SOURCE about the meaning of this time. You are on SACRED PAUSE she said. So that you can RESET your energy. So that you can RE-ALIGN with your truth. This is why you are being told to go home - literally and metaphorically. For some of us, home is not a happy place, it is a place of chaos and mayhem, of trauma and dysfunction of anxiety and pressure. It's not a place where we feel free or safe. For others of us, home is sacred ground. It is the place where love lives and it may be the only place where we feel we can fully be ourselves. Whatever the case may be, in order to move forward each of us must tend to home right now. Especially if we have great ambitions and aspire to make a difference in the world. There are too many examples of leadership at the highest level where home has been neglected. Where old negative patterns, wounded habits and knee jerk behaviors have put our peace and security at risk and threatened the very fabric of what we seek to accomplish as a global society. When home is shakey very little can be solid. Whether that home is family or even just our own personal well being, the neglect eventually takes its toll. All of us are being called right now - to get our house in order. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. To address what lies at the heart of our foundation. To affirm what we need in order to rise and release that which does not clarify, strengthen nor empower. Our relationships matter. Our relationships to our Self, our Source, and our World. And now is the time to bring those relationships back into balance.You have been given the gift of this time; Go within and listen to what really wants your energy and attention right now. Come back to your Vision for your life or create it anew. Examine your Mission and your work - what have you been given to offer to this world? Check in on your Purpose - are you doing what you’re really here to do? Invest in your Homebase - redefine it - redesign it - reorganize it - relocate it. Do whatever you need to do to have your Foundation represent YOU! In this time of RE- alignment, there are three important practices I’d love for you to observe. The First, is to examine your source of information. When in times of crisis - where do you go? Who do you listen to? What feeds your knowledge, awareness and understanding? Stay rooted in good information and release any temptation for sensationalism. The Second - is to keep your spirits high. Remember, you are co-creating in your listening, thinking, speaking and acting. Give voice to the world you want to see and the person you want to be and leave the rest alone. The Third - is to discover how to sit in that which is uncertain. Can you still find laughter, peace, strength and divine knowing? Keep exercising the faith that All Is Well, There is Enough and You Are Worthy. COVID-19 is our Buddha. Teaching us the valuable lessons of true power, discernment, courage and compassion.Let us stay in DEVOTION. As we surrender to this Sacred Pause for the Cause Of Re-Aligning with Our Highest Truth I Love You! Rha

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