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How To Practice Self-Care When Engaging With Disturbing Media Content

white awakening

This guide is taken from our White Awakening course session "Trauma Triggers & Self Care."  In this session, Rha and Corey talk about the importance of honoring past traumas and the necessity of self care; especially when engaging with disturbing content. Below are some tips, tools and practices for how to self honor and self care as a daily, lifelong commitment that transcends any issue or challenge you may be facing and increases your capacity to show up powerfully for yourself and others.

  • Take an inventory of your current self care practices. How supportive have those practices been when dealing with the issue of race?
  • Do you have a protocol for how you take in disturbing content? What governs your choices about what you will consume and what you won’t? If you don’t have a set of criteria, now is the time to create some.
  • When you consider what kind of support would really make a difference for you when it comes to how you experience and process these incidents, what do you see?
  • Are there ways that you might integrate a more trauma informed approach to how you share and engage around this kind of content in the future?
  • For the next 7 days, make a minimum commitment to not consume any content from at least one media outlet and one social media channel.
    • Observe your energy during these 7 days and what your overall experience is at the end.
    • Use a small notebook to log your greatest insights as you move through the process.
    • How might you consider incorporating a media fast into your normal self care regimen?

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