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2019 New Year's Message

Every year, we come together as an entrepreneurial community to set forth a context and intention for our year.  Just as we at Move The Crowd work to support and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that lives in all of us - we also work to feed the entrepreneurial soul.

I’ve always wanted to do these entrepreneurial satsangs - satsangs have been loosely translated to as talks or lectures but the literal translation of satsung in sanskrit means (in the company of the truth.) - so we come together to sit in the company of the truth.

I created this event series -  Medipreneur - because chasing big dreams can be stressful, ya’ll!  It takes something to create something - to build something, to make a difference in the world, to nurture a healthy love relationship, to raise little human beings that grow up to be loving kind and compassionate big human beings - all of that - can be very stressful.

I want Medipreneur to be a space where you get to come and dream and imagine all that you want to achieve - and I want it to be a space where you get to lay your burdens down- so that you can emerge, inspired, refreshed, renewed. No matter who you are, or how you found out about  this space - my hope is that you feel fed by the experience today and that you know that anytime we call this circle - you have a place where you can come and just let go - and be cared for - through the meditation, inspiring dialogue and authentic connection with other amazing people just like you.

And with that I say, Happy New Year!! Happy 2019!! Happy Year of the Pig if you follow the Chinese Zodiac!   Happy Universal Number 3 Year if you are into Numerology! All of the cosmic wisdom seems to align around the belief that 2019 will be a year where all of us get to take a deep breath - as the intensity of the last 3 years finally begins to subside. 2018 was another year of extremes - we saw the best and we saw the worst in every possible context - from environment, to community, to family, to identity - we felt the disruptive nature of 2018’s completion.

As many difficult and inconvenient truths began to come to light ,we felt this sense of awakening globally and I would bet that many of us felt this personally as well ….and to some extent at least through this first quarter of 2019 we may still not be fully out of the woods. So if it’s a little bumpy in your reality right now- that’s why. We are transitioning the energy from last year to this year.

In our context at Move The Crowd, 2018 was a year of courageous realignment and rededication it was our year to stop running and start listening and the message - Go Within - Open Your Heart…..Answer The Call - served as the guiding mantras that supported our practices of deep listening - courageous looking - and authentic obedient acting. Last year, we asked, what does it mean to BE true  - when we consider all of the opportunities and challenges we face every single day - within ourselves and within our world?  

And what is required to fulfill on the joy and happiness we seek? This year, we are being taken right to the heart of the matter.  As we are being called to shed all false pretense so that we may touch, feel and experience the ROOT of our true nature.  And the infinite wealth of resource that lives inside.

We will dig deep this year as we discover - what does it take to strengthen the foundation on which we stand?  So that we may feel emboldened as we reach for our dreams?

This year, each of us gets to explore the quality of our foundation - as we ask the Universe - What do I need to kick ass this year?  Be advised that life is going to strengthen your core. And the ride will be highly emotional and wildly creative. As you come into a whole new level of freedom and self expression. The message for 2019 is  

Lean Into Love and Experience The Bounty,  Lean Into Love and Experience the Bounty…… Lean into LOVE and Experience The Bounty…...

So what does it mean to Lean?

In a time when so much is happening in our world - and we can be pulled mentally, spiritually and emotionally in so many directions - all of it lends itself to dilution... Which compromises the power and quality of our experience. The insights, innovations, lessons and blessings come from a kind of intentional focus that we offer as devotion to our own growth and evolution.
When we are in reaction... it can be easy to fall into a lot of things... especially without even knowing it. So our first opportunity this year is to become conscious of what’s got our attention - and ask the question are we hooked?  (i.e. operating in reaction) Or are we actively engaged?
(i.e. choosing to bring our energy and attention there). Leaning is an active, conscious, intentional commitment - one that says “this is what is important to me” it is proactive vs. reactive -  it has the potential to be creative vs. destructive - it is an invitation to harness your energy - and gather your spirit in a way that invites your full presence.
And hence encourages the full blessings of that experience. This year, we get to own that there is a direct correlation between the state of us and the state of our world.  If we feel chaos we will experience chaos in our world... this is a collective phenomenon - just notice, as you breathe together in this room with the intention of calm, peace and serenity... is that what shows up in your experience? Let’s take a deep breath together with this collective commitment and just feel what happens. This year we get to practice leaning as an extension of our commitment...

Now, Let’s talk about LOVE…

What is this thing called LOVE? What is the nature of Love? Who teaches us about love? Who help us us define love? What are the myths that we’ve inherited about Love? What it is and what it isn’t?
Love is a discipline An unwavering commitment to be in the abundant nature of life Love is that radiant energy that permeates all things That pulsates through the mind body and spirit With a fierce conviction Love is the unbreakable connection to the all providing source and its myriad of manifestations
And when you harness (its power) it offers 3 promises: The first:
That all is well The second:That there is enough The third: That you are worthy That All is Well That There Is Enough That You Are Worthy

So what do I mean when I say….all is well?

All Is Well - when you look at the external world - one could find a real challenge in believing this - there is a way that chaos, mayhem and danger swirl around us and provoke our deepest concerns and our greatest fears. The temptation to indulge is tremendous - overwhelming - we get activated at least 2-3 thousand times a day as we are bombarded with words and images that ignite disturbing thoughts and feelings - by the time the world is done with us - at the end of the day - it is hard to know where” it” stops and we begin.
It’s hard to discern what is real vs what is manufactured - it’s all so vivid - and in the struggle to discern fact from fiction- is always the burning question- Am I safe?  Will I be okay? Will it be okay? Will we be okay?
Can we trust - that when all of the waking and shaking is done that any of us will come out on the other side? Unharmed and unscathed?  And while all of this is whipping around outside of us and all of this is swirling around inside of us - what the hell do we hold onto? And can we really afford the carnal damage that is definitely, prominently, being displayed on every device within our purview?
The mass shootings - the fierce and unrelenting fires, hurricanes, tsunamis and tornados - the abusive structures of authority, the callous leadership, the never ending betrayal of public faith - Where in the hell is LOVE in the midst of all of this?  You might be asking?
When in moments like this the desire to control is real - people, places, circumstances, situations, relationships - all in response to the (powerlessness) we feel - somebody has to ensure that life goes according to plan and that somebody minds well be us!  Because we feel confident it our ability to wrestle life to the ground if for any reason we get off the rails.
So, we remain alert and “on guard” - all of the time. We move from a fear based tactical place - believing that when it comes to what affects us we got it! Where is Love you ask?   Underneath all of that noise... - it’s quiet and pervasive-  like the breath -  and it’s everywhere  - it is the calm in the eye of the storm - it is the root that the havoc does not reach - it lives in the bottom of the well - and sends up the water - again and again - to cleanse, purge and rejuvenate your perspective.
It radiates from the center of your chest - when you smell your grandmother’s cooking - it generates the heat that moves up your spine when your beloved takes your hand - it flutters in your gut - when you hear - gurgles of joy from the lips of a newborn baby - All is well - will ride out whatever bullshit we put in it’s path - it is the foundation -  that thing that brings you back to yourself - when the drama ends - over and over again. Just take a BREATH - and feel that quiet radiant energy - underneath all of the noise….. It is unshakable.
It is the permanent inhalation and exhalation- the substance that 2nd chances and comeback stories are made of - can you see beyond the veil?  Beloved, can you see- everything and I do mean everything else is temporary? Can you BREATHE and find that subtle, vibrant and radiant energy within that holds the ground of universal truth - All is Well is LOVE- everlasting. 
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Now, Let’s talk about Enough...

There Is Enough - any form of lack is an illusion- say what?  Even if the logical mind knows this- for some reason -our reality keeps staring back at us with -(pause - say it with me) not enough - not enough time - not enough money- not enough appreciation - not enough peace - not enough patience- not enough FUN - and the list goes on.   This deeply ingrained illusion - places a sense of desperation at the center of our aspirations - we strive to achieve not because of game or sport or curiosity - we strive to achieve because we believe there is something missing or broken or necessary- that we are somehow lacking and needing to correct- therefore our reality has no choice but to show us the gap - in time, in money, and in people.

Yes, even when we know logically that scarcity is a lie - we are bombarded yet again - with an urgency - rooted in deficit - missing something - needing something- wanting something- lacking something! And then we move from that place - be it fast or slow - be it grind or flow - hyper efficient or grossly overextending and when it’s all said and done - we still find - that it’s not enough.   BREATHE - and go within - can you locate any form of desperation that may be lurking inside?  

Even if you’ve put a good spin on it- desperation is desperation - even if you pretend - to have it all handled - all figured out- know that this is also a form of lack.  

There is enough - what happens to your body when you say this to yourself?  Notice how the breath begins to change - do you sense yourself starting to relax?  Say it again - to yourself in a way that invites more spaciousness in. There is enough. Our enoughness does not live in the material sorting of what is mine or what is yours it lives in the very thing that sources every single thing and every single one.

Our supply is infinite when we bring our attention to LOVE.  If we can relax into the belief that there is enough we may indeed find a sense of sufficiency that does not require the deprivation of another, or demand epic over striving on our part.  Nor does it require painful bargaining. This sense of sufficiency may find us when we realize we don’t have to eat the whole pie, or buy the whole store, or have anyone else's man or woman. That we can enjoy the things that rightly call to us and leave the rest alone. No matter how big or small. We expand our sense of resource through the awareness of our true desires and the creative powers that magnetize our connection to the infinite supply - that lives in how we LOVE and share and express all that we have been given.

Now, let’s talk about Worthiness...Worthiness..

You Are Worthy - how could it possibly be that we feel so undeserving?  Whether it shows up as entitlement or self negation - whether in relationship or in how we handle our business - why do we wrestle so much with being seen, heard, acknowledged, appreciated, and respected? - especially when we reveal the most tender and amazing parts of ourselves?  

Why do we find it so hard to reveal ?- And why are we sometimes even at odds with what and who we find? LOVE in its infinite wisdom clings to us unconditionally like the ever present sound of our own criticisms - showing us the disconnect between what it sees and what we see  - Our worthiness is so inherent in our existence - but is often lost when we set out to compare - where we are in relationship to where we think we should be - as if worthiness were some external destination.  Can you face the worst that you have done and know that you are still worthy?

Can you see the best that you are and know that it is ever present - always there? No matter the hand that life has dealt you… BREATHE in this moment - into your magnificence… feel that warrior of LOVE as he or she or they - dance in the center of your soul - they want to play!!!! - set them free. Let them roam over the hills and through the fields of your life… for that will guide you towards your greatest callings and your deepest longings - and you will arrive with your hands, eyes, and heart wide open…

LOVES most enduring promise to you - is that You ARE Worthy… Your opportunity this year is to know thyself, love thyself, trust thyself, honor thyself, and ultimately BE thyself this year. I wish you so much love and peace this year. Happy, Happy, Happy, 2019 This is your girl



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