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Anna Gryglewska
Event Producer & Strategist

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For over 14 years, Anna Gryglewska has been a trailblazer in the global events and hospitality industry, leveraging her extensive experience to create transformational experiences and drive bottom-line results. As the Event Program Manager at Move The Crowd and founder of Elevated Collective Agency, Anna is committed to empowering and helping visionary founders curate impactful, profitable, and elevated event experiences.

Anna is an event strategist, event producer extraordinaire, and tech founder with a passion for curating community & impact. Her expertise has allowed her to guide Fortune 500 clients in establishing top-tier hospitality programs on a global scale, including prestigious events such as the Grammy Awards and UEFA Champions League. Anna's ability to strategize, build, monetize, and execute elevated events has consistently delivered exceptional outcomes for her clients.

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Event/Retreat Experience Business Strategy

Event/Retreat Budgeting & Pricing

Event/Retreat Planning & Logistics

Event/Retreat Production

Event/Retreat Monetization

Speaker Management

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