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The Calling

3 Fundamentals to Stay True, Get Paid and Do Good.

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"This easily implemented work will help anyone develop concrete goals and the tactics to see them through."

– Publishers Weekly

As we watch the chaotic dance of crisis and opportunity play out in our global society, all of us are feeling a deep seeded hunger for change.
As the old structures are unraveling before our very eyes We are witnessing the rising of our moral courage...
And each of us is waking up to the possibility that we can have more, do more and BE more.
People don’t want to be a part of the problem anymore - they want to be a part of the solution.
They are looking to achieve a different kind of success. One that feels way more authentic, joyful and fulfilling.

What about you?
How will you seize this moment?

"Cultivate a new definition for success, one that includes more money, more joy and less struggle"

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A Message from Rha


"Each of us has something amazing to offer the world that no one else can. The Calling, doesn’t just remind us that we have a mission in this life, it actually shows us how to achieve it."

Lisa Nichols 

NY Times Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Motivating The Masses

In the book, I help you overcome the most common struggles that hold you back and give you a BLUEPRINT for how to find and answer your calling: 

Let go of Imposter Syndrome!

In this book I help you - let go of that persistent need to always overcompensate - because of who you are, or where you come from, or because of what your family had or didn’t have - I teach you how to consciously LOVE, value and appreciate all that you are and all that you’ve come from. I show you how to leverage what you carry in terms of your innate and hard-earned wisdom. I help you love yourself and develop a new sense of honor and reverence for your journey and for your vision.

Make money and profit from YOUR passion

In this book, I teach you step by step how to make money and profit from your passion. This is the number one reason why most people don’t follow their hearts and answer their call. There is this deeply ingrained belief that we always have to trade our happiness, or the big paycheck, or give up all of our free time to pursue our passion and dream. In the new paradigm of success that is not the case. In this book, I show you how to hone what you have to offer in a way that will appeal to those you most want to reach, and enable you to not only make money but also make your most desired impact.

Make a tangible difference in the lives of others

You know the power of being able to share your gifts in a way that matters. Whether you see yourself, writing and speaking to inspire millions or whether you’re just looking to solve a specific problem. In this book, I take you step by step through a process that enables you to identify your unique mission and develop the strategy to bring that mission to the world. Doing good work is great but doing your work is better!

Quiet your mind

In this book at the end of each chapter, I give you a set of practices that will enable you to SLOW DOWN and listen. To give voice to your higher wisdom, and to develop a new language that will transform all of the stress and anxiety that can come with making those much-needed changes in your life. The biggest breakthroughs come in the stillness..

Release fear and self doubt

In this book I show you how to confront and obliterate any form of fear and self doubt. I mean we get down to the root of these conversations, and I take you through a process that enables you to identify and release those fears once and for all.

Transform the Stress of Success

Stress and anxiety don’t only come from things falling apart; many of you are navigating the stress associated with winning. In this book, I don’t just talk about how to cope with your current success, I invite you into a process that enables you to release the grip of perfectionism. Then I help you redefine how to achieve success with a greater quality of life.

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Brendon Burchard

#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger and High Performance Habits

“Finding your calling and activating it will change your life. The Calling is your guidebook for that―it helps you recognize your creative strengths, visualize your ideal future where you are doing what you love, and then shows you how to make it happen and get paid for it. There’s no gimmicks or hype here―Rha Goddess is an incredible teacher who will take you deep into your heart and help you create a life and career that matters. A must read for those who want to find and serve their highest calling."

Barbara Huson

Bestselling author of Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles and Overcoming Underearning

“Are you hungering for more, but not sure what that is or how to find it? You’re in luck. The Calling reveals a powerful and innovative approach for discovering and pursuing your purpose unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Rha Goddess has created a profound (yet surprisingly simple) formula for finding meaning, making a difference and being richly rewarded. But even deeper, she’s offering a map for personal and global transformation for those who are ready to play a bigger game.”

Van Jones

New York Times bestselling Author, CNN political contributor, social entrepreneur and host of The Van Jones Show on CNN

"Rha Goddess is a seasoned veteran when it comes to helping others find their path and their purpose. From corporate CEOs to incarcerated youth, I’ve had the privilege to know Rha for almost two decades and she is nothing short of MASTERFUL when it comes to getting to the heart of what matters. If you believe that you are here to make a difference in the world then The Calling is your new blueprint for self-determined success."

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How can you use The Calling to help you achieve the next level of your work and contribution during these unprecedented times?

Watch this interview clip with Blackbird House where I speak to the moment that we are in and how The Calling can support you.

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RHA GODDESS is the most soulful guide to doing good

THE CALLING is an absolute must for those of us who want to live in alignment with what our soul is calling us to do. RHA GODDESS masterfully hones in on what we can uniquely offer the world and how to generate an income in order to answer that calling. And if you ever have the chance to meet RHA in person, hear her speak, or take a course with her, you will immediately experience the absolute power of her presence to create dramatic shifts within you.

- Meggan Watterson

Thank YOU Rha!

I happened upon this book via an Instagram story and this book spoke to me at a time in my life that I needed to hear the words. This book gives you the tools, the roadmap, for anyone looking for more. More for themself, more for their family, community, and the planet. It’s empowering the examples she uses in the book. Thank you Rha!

- Ginny Lee Deptula

Calling Those who are in a Career Transition!

If you are stuck and wanting SO much to find purposeful meaningful work, this is the book for you.

Rha figured it out and her book will help you navigate into a bright fulfilling future! I promise!

- Caroline M.

Will You Find Your Calling?

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I created this book because I didn’t see it in the marketplace. And I knew that you needed more than just platitudes and sound bites. You needed clear, step by step guidance and real life stories and examples that would enable you to take the journey.

That is why I would like to offer you The Calling Membership.

In the Calling Membership, we give you the full monty, we mean the total blueprint for how to pursue your passion and your purpose in a way that is financially profitable and deeply impactful for you and for those you want to reach. 

By getting the Calling Membership, you can have a free copy of the book.

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"This book is both grounding and inspiring. It’s exactly the book we need right now, in a time of massive societal change. You’ll discover how to stay rooted amid upheaval, how to see challenges as beautiful opportunities, and how to live an abundant and authentic life while doing what matters most to you. Rha’s True. Paid. Good. method will help you uncover and truly claim your calling, no matter where you are in your professional life or on your path to personal growth.

I recommend The Calling and Rha's work to anyone who is ready to go big and amplify every corner of their life."

Gabby Bernstein

#1 NY Times Bestselling Author and Spiritual Teacher

We are in a moment where we are waking up to the possibility that we can have more, do more and BE more.

Reshma Saujani

Founder & CEO of Girls Who Code and author of International Bestseller Brave, Not Perfect

"As someone who has worked with tens of thousands of young girls every year, I know the potential of the underestimated. The Calling is based upon the premise that every single one of us can achieve our purpose. I can’t think of a more important or timely invitation than the one posed in this book. You owe it to yourself to discover what is calling you - be brave and answer."

Daymond John

New York Times bestselling author, Celebrity Entrepreneur and Investor, ABC’s Shark Tank

"Rha Goddess has dedicated her life to helping others find their passion, their purpose and their profit. The Calling, gives you a front row seat to her innovative and timely approach."

Answering the call isn’t just about achieving a new level of happiness and fulfillment. That’s definitely part of it - but it’s also about experiencing a new level of freedom. It’s about the thrill of contributing to the kind of world you want to see - for yourself and those you love.

And we only get that world - when you step up and answer.

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The good stuff!

This book changed my whole paradigm. This book helped me connect who I am with what I truly want to do. It took a lot of work to get here but doing the work in this book helped me make shifts in ways that I won't be able to turn back. While this book can be a quick read, it's meant to pour yourself into and really do some mining into the self.

- Nikki Wallar

A must read for anyone looking to empower their future with true integrity

This book talked to me. It felt like a one on one conversation and spoke to so many questions I ponder on a regular basis. I know it is the start of a journey to find what’s really important to me, and to go for it, but the tools, the roadmaps, are there for anyone looking to find their greatest value, to themself, their family, community, and the world. It’s inspiring and empowering.

- Anonymous

Life changer!

What a life changer. I sat down to read this book for an hour and got so hooked that I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. The author made this such an easy read and broke everything down to the base level so none of the concepts were too far out of reach. It was very practical too, unlike other motivational books I have read. I can’t wait to apply the book's suggestions. I’m looking forward to reading it again!

- Anonymous

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