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Permission To

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Watch The Replay!

The Calling




Watch The Replay!

Welcome to THE CALLING Permission to make a Comeback training with Rha Goddess!


 Your permission is granted to face any fear or limitation and meet it head-on with an open heart.  Your permission is granted to know that your source is bigger than any person, place, or condition.  Your permission is granted to tap into that source and engage in the practice of conscious creation, giving voice to what you really need and want, with a deep understanding that there is nothing to fix and nothing to prove. You already are enough.


Your permission is granted to confidently make a comeback.

"Working with Rha has transformed me. It has helped me take my organization to the next level and helped me grow as a leader and change agent, which helps me and my team build this movement for gender parity."
Reshma Saujani

NY Times Bestselling Author and CEO & Founder, Girls Who Code

Permission To Make A Comeback


This 3 hour training is designed to support you in architecting your Comeback Plan. Whether you are being called to rebuild from the ground up or learn how to joyfully expand to accommodate greater responsibility - this training will help you identify the most pivotal opportunity you have before you to thrive and help you architect the winning strategy to achieve it.


It begins with embracing a new level of permission and culminates with a clear blueprint to get you back on the court with greater confidence, conviction and clarity.

In this training we’ll help you:

Identify one game changing goal you want to achieve this year.

Get clear about what is required to achieve that goal.

Develop the winning strategy that will enable you to achieve it.

Watch The Replay!

"Move the Crowd has had a major impact on my life. Learning how to be my whole self, honor my values and manage my financial bottom line has been an invaluable gift!"
Anasa Troutman

Founder & CEO, Culture Shift Creative & Executive Director, Clayborn Temple

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