Presenters & Participants

St.George, Utah

September 26-30, 2022

L3 Mastermind Participants:

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Founder & CEO of Liberate

Julio Rivera (Heru) is the Founder & CEO of Liberate - a meditation app for the Black community. He is also an artist and is passionate about men's work. He is ultimately here to bring God's kingdom on earth.

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Jesse Johnson, founder, and CEO of her multi-million dollar personal development company helps ambitious, soulful, and service-based entrepreneurs add a 0 to their monthly income with clarity, ease, and efficiency.

Rahael  L3 MM Participants

Entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist

Eda Ozmen is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist on a mission to solve the growing mental health and wellbeing challenges facing the world. She is passionate about empowering individuals to enhance their mental states and overall quality of life. Motivated by her own experience of overcoming challenges and a deep understanding of the core issues faced by those struggling with anxiety and depression.

Rahael  L3 MM Participants

Entrepreneur, Trauma-Informed Coach

Committed to building a solidarity economy powered by harmonious relationships among people and with the earth. At Media Sutra, she merges transformative storytelling and resource mobilization to foster well-being and community wealth-building. Her trauma-informed coaching/facilitation supports creative entrepreneurs of color to be Fearless., Abundant, and Bold (FAB) in the pursuit of their passion by cultivating an abundance mindset and telling powerful stories.Taij is a co-founder of the Indo-Caribbean gender justice organization, Jahajee Sisters, and is currently serving as its first Arts + Activism Resident for two years. She is expanding her multidisciplinary theater production, Jahajees Rising, and working with survivors of gender based violence to shift culture and create new narratives that advance Gender Justice. She is also completing her first novel, Conflicting Karma.Taij cut her teeth in movement work through arts and cultural organizing, then served in leadership positions from community-based organizations to national foundations. She has written and performed nationally and internationally, mobilized millions of dollars, established new entities, transformed existing ones, and supported leaders to be game-changers. Her experience as the first woman of color Executive Director of Resource Generation inspired her to found Standing in Our Power (SiOP), a network of cis and transgender women and gender expansive peole of color. Finally, Taij is the mom of three beautiful beings, Shakti, Satya, and Shiv Nanda.

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Certified empowerment life coach, Spiritual Guide

Dana Balicki is a certified empowerment life coach and spiritual guide who teaches people how to slow (the eff) down and live more courageous, purposeful, and creative lives. In her coaching, Dana draws on more than a decade of political activism and organizing in the anti-war and anti-globalization movements as well as NYC’s Occupy Wall Street. Over the past decade, she’s helped thousands of students (Boomers to Zoomers) including coaches, healers, artists, sex workers, members of the clergy, witches, c-suiters, and all shades of creative entrepreneurs, to show them how to release the cultural obsession with fast-paced hustling and create more holistic clarity in their work, life, love, and leadership.