Your Plan For Success Mediation Focus


Do you have a big vision but struggle to figure out how you’re going to achieve it? Does goal setting give you anxiety?

Complementary to the meditation work Move The Crowd offers, completing the 5 Step by Step Working Sessions within Your Plan For Success, you’ll be able to:


  • Focus on what’s important to you – It all begins with clarity. What matters to you? Through a mixture of mediation and reflection, we help you get clear and stay clear so that your time, energy and resources are spent productively.
  • Maximize your energy and resources – It’s all about leverage. How do you get the highest returns for the least amount of effort? We’ll help you identify the actions that produce the biggest results the quickest.
  • Locate your strengths, as well as your needs – Successful strategies are built from knowing your strengths and your gaps. We help you recognize what you have and get what you need to close the gaps.
  • Enlist support and set others up for success too – Enrolling and empowering others is a skill. We give you the tips and tools you need to enlist the right support and achieve the desired results.

Join Rha for an amazing 3 day meditation challenge!

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