Your Plan For Success

Get A Personalized Plan To Build Your Business Profitably

Do you have a big vision but struggle to figure out how you’re going to achieve it? Does goal setting give you anxiety?

After completing the 5 Step by Step Working Sessions of Your Plan For Success you’ll be able to:

  • Focus on what’s important to you – It all begins with clarity. What matters to you? We help you get clear and stay clear so that your time, energy and resources are spent productively.
  • Maximize your energy and resources – It’s all about leverage. How do you get the highest returns for the least amount of effort? We’ll help you identify the actions that produce the biggest results the quickest.
  • Locate your strengths, as well as your needs – Successful strategies are built from knowing your strengths and your gaps. We help you recognize what you have and get what you need to close the gaps.
  • Enlist support and set others up for success too – Enrolling and empowering others is a skill. We give you the tips and tools you need to enlist the right support and achieve the desired results.

"Working with Move The Crowd has allowed me to step into my power, share my voice with the world and nearly triple my income."

Life Escobar
Founder & CEO, AWAKE Storytelling Academy Member

What You Get

Convenient Video Sessions

In this 5 video series, you’ll identify your best opportunities and most pressing challenges, set your top 3 goals, and cultivate a winning strategy to achieve them.

At the end, you’ll have a 90-day action plan that you can put to use right away.

*each session takes about 20-30 mins

Personal Worksheets

We provide tips, tools and templates with each session to help you apply the concepts you’ve learned to your own venture.

You’ll also gain access to FAQs that can help strengthen your plan.

LIMITED TIME ONLY! Bonus 1:1 Coaching Session

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Normally $695!/hr


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We help you get clear on where you are and where you really want to go.

We examine your highest achievements and biggest lessons to determine how you can be even more successful.

We identify the top 3 things you MUST work on in order to win.

We identify your most important gaps and help you figure out how to fill them.

We help you create the blueprint for executing your winning strategy.

Meet Our Coaches

Monika Moss-Gransberry | Senior Coach + Trainer

For over 30 years, master mapper and conscious business consultant Monika Moss-Gransberry has dedicated her life and talents to helping organizations and individuals create powerful roadmaps that transform their true.paid.good. visions into reality.


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