White Awakening
Course Sampler

Welcome to our White Awakening sampler page!

We are happy to have you sample our course. The 8 videos below follow the arc of the course and will give you a flavor of what the course experience is like. The videos are between 10-20 mins in length.

White Awakening is a leadership growth curriculum designed to help organizations and leaders understand and deliver on what it takes to align with their commitment for a more just, equitable and inclusive workplace and world.

Participants emerge from this course with:

  • A clear historical understanding of how the dehumanizing constructs of the race were established.
  • An ability to distinguish interpersonal discrimination from structural abuses of power.
  • An ability to recognize the primary themes and messages that have shaped your own experience around race.
  • The ability to give voice to the vision for your own personal and professional aspirations and desires.
  • A blueprint for how to move from your current stage to the stage of Seasoned Ally.

Module I: Framing The Old Paradigm


Video from Session 1:
Our Core Philosophy

In this session, participants explore why it is so difficult to talk about race and begin to examine our core philosophy on what race actually is and how the social construct of race is used as an instrument for the old paradigm economy which informs the current state of our world.


Video from Session 2:
Flexing Power Through Social Constructs

In this session, participants learn how the three distorted notions of power (greed, dominance and exploitation) form the basis for economic systems that create and depend upon human hierarchy, division and suppression while selling the false promise of upward mobility to the masses.

Module III: Demonstrating The Impact


Video from Session 3:
George Floyd Example of Internalization

In this session, Corey compassionately walks us through the events and discourse surrounding the May 25, 2020 murder of George Floyd within the context of dehumanization. Who was really dehumanized by this experience? What have we seen and what haven’t we seen about this incident?


Video from Session 4
Dialogue: Why Corey Watched & Rha Didn’t

In this session, Rha and Corey engage in a courageous conversation about their own internalization of this incident and why each of them chose to watch or not watch the 8 minute and 46 second video.

Module VI: Set Up For Rehumanization


Video from Session 1:
Intro To The Process of Rehumanization

In this session, participants get to celebrate the journey taken thus far as Corey and Rha acknowledge the breakthroughs and insights revealed and introduce participants to the promising journey of Rehumanization. Now that you understand how we got here, how do we get out?

Module VII: Recognizing


Video from Session 1:
Telling Your Own Story

In this session, Corey shares his awakening story and takes participants through an in depth examination of the personal narrative through the lens of dehumanization. What are the choices we make around what we share and suppress in any environment? What are the factors that drive those decisions?

Module IX: Redeeming


Video from Session 2:
Truth, Reconciliation & Forgiveness

In this session, Rha supports participants in considering real life examples of Truth and Reconciliation. From sharing about her time in Rwanda to walking through a 4 Step Ritual for Forgiveness, Rha invites participants to consider what it means to reconcile the past in a way that creates room for a new future.

Module X: Re-envisioning


Video from Session 1:
Framing The Future

In this session, the Age of the Citizen comes to life through the articulation of a New Paradigm guided by New Notions of Power and the corresponding principles for a new Economy. How do you see your role in the Age of the Citizen?


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