White Awakening FAQ

  • What exactly is included in the course?

The course is packed with value. You’ll receive over 38 micro learning video dialogues and training sessions, corresponding downloads, tips, tools, and worksheets. You’ll have access to an interactive multimedia bibliography and FAQs section, along with bonus dialogues and interviews and LIVE monthly coaching sessions with Corey and Rha, and much more.

  • Am I going to feel overwhelmed by all the information and HW assignments?

We’ve done our best to make this course engaging and digestible. We’ve integrated various learning modalities using art, music, guided reflections and dialogue and journaling sessions; all to keep you inspired and curious about every facet of the course. Each session averages 12 -15 mins with focused follow up assignments. And our resources section allows you to go deeper if you feel inclined. You can do the course at your own pace - binge watch or take it one session at a time, it’s totally up to you.

  • Will this be a good fit for me if I’ve already been doing a lot of anti-racist and ally-based work?

Yes! This is life long work! White Awakening is designed to help illuminate all of the conscious and unconscious ways in which each of us have been dehumanized and have dehumanized others, as well as provide a clear and compelling pathway back to rehumanization. This work takes leaders and seasoned influencers beyond the fold of simple allyship or anti-racism and into a greater commitment to themselves and others as they work to create a more just, purposeful and inclusive world.

  • What exactly is the White Awakening Digital Course?

The White Awakening Digital Course is an online leadership growth curriculum designed to support those who feel called to a greater purpose in life, and who recognize that to achieve their full potential, they must courageously face the challenge of race in our society. The course invites a new perspective around racial equity that includes 1) unearthing the false constructs that perpetuate human divides 2) fostering a greater understanding of how these constructs contribute to our own dehumanization and the dehumanization of others and 3) charting the path back to rehumanization in a way that fosters greater love, honor, dignity and respect for ourselves and others.

  • What will I learn in the White Awakening course?
  1. A clear historical understanding of how the dehumanizing constructs of race were established. 
  2. An ability to distinguish interpersonal discrimination from structural abuses of power.
  3. An ability to recognize the primary themes and messages that have shaped your own experience, beliefs and perceptions around race.
  4. The ability to give voice to the vision for your own personal and professional aspirations and desires. 
  5. A blueprint for how to move from your current stage to the stage of Seasoned Ally (high level of awareness with purposeful and aligned engagement). 
  • When will the course be available?

The White Awakening Course is available for purchase now, and the content is officially available.

Beyond investing in the course, how can I get involved?


For those interested in spreading the word about White Awakening and sharing the course with their networks, we are offering an affiliate program.

Can anyone become an affiliate?

Not quite! This is powerful work, and we only want to partner with people who are committed to doing it well. For that reason, we require that each affiliate is:

Aligned with the mission of this work (i.e. Rehumanization) for themselves and others.

Are engaged in conversations that are relevant [personal and/or professional].

Committed to actively sharing/promoting the Assessment and the Digital Course 

Has a highly engaged network/community and sphere of influence (on and/or off-line)

Can bring their own voice and perspective as to why this work is important to you.

Will take the Assessment and the course themselves

Feels confident and expects to be able to sell a minimum of 10 courses

Low maintenance/no drama i.e. comes to this collaboration and work with an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to take full responsibility for their experience.

Feels excited by this collaboration and recognizes it as an opportunity to drive impact and make a difference in the lives of other people.

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  • What inspired you to create White Awakening?

 For the past 20 years, Corey and I have been doing race relations work together. We use a more innovative, personalized approach to fostering greater understanding among people from different races and walks of life. Our experience and insight, coupled with requests from colleagues and industry leaders, led to the creation of White Awakening.

  • Why now?

As we have faced the recent events in the news from the effects of the Pandemic to the events surrounding the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and  Ahmaud Arbery, we’ve had leaders, particularly White leaders, reach out to us asking for our advice on how to address these challenges within their teams, organizations and even within their families and personal networks. 

We realized that now, more than ever, this work is needed.

  • What is the purpose of the course?

White Awakening is designed to help illuminate all of the conscious and unconscious ways in which all of us have dehumanized and been dehumanized, as well as to provide a clear and compelling pathway back to rehumanization. 

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How does the White Awakening assessment work?


The assessment is based on 9 archetypes, with 1 being Hostile Adversary and 9 being ONE/Total Solidarity. Your honest, confidential responses generate a numerical score from 0-36, which then places you on the archetypal scale. You’ll get an email with more information about the archetype in the range you scored!

You can take the assessment here if you haven't yet!

What are the 9 archetypes in the White Awakening assessment?

0-4 - Hostile Adversary
5-8 - Agitator
9- 12 - Unconscious Bystander
13-16 - Sympathetic Bystander
17-20 - Early Stage Ally
21-24 - Seasoned Ally
25-28 - Advocate
29-32 - Vested Partner
33-36 - ONE

I didn't like or agree with my results, what should I do?

We suggest reviewing the archetype descriptions right before and after the one in your result as you may have characteristics of those as well.

You can find the score extended explanation below.

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What makes Rha qualified for this work?


One of the challenges Rha has faced while being a person of color operating in diverse environments is that she is constantly having to educate others about the impact of indifference and the dehumanizing experiences that stem from unconscious thoughts, ideologies and actions.

This life long work has enabled her to develop patience and compassion while still holding others accountable for their false and limiting perceptions. Her purpose and calling is to bring others to their purpose and calling in a way that is uplifting and empowering for us all. This work is central to her own vision for a better world.

What makes Corey qualified for this work?


Corey has dedicated a good portion of his career to racial justice and equity work. He strives to guide individuals on personal growth journeys where they can not only improve the lives of others but really grow and develop of their own. For over 20 years, Corey has been working on the Authentic Conversations About Race project which is designed to facilitate intimate discussions about race. His personal awakening experiences along with his experiences working to support others through individual growth and development gives him an immense amount of expertise on this topic.

  • What is “rehumanization”?

Rehumanization enables us to recognize, heal and transform all of the ways that systemic inequality plays out in our lives, communities and organizations.

Who is the White Awakening course for?

If you are feeling helpless, frustrated, angry, sad or confused about the current state of affairs in our world...

If you believe that your efforts are inadequate when you face the state of our world, the culture of your organization or the views of the people with whom you engage…

If you hold a genuine passion for wanting to create a better world, and are willing to grow personally and expand your capacity as a leader….

If you want to be a part of fostering real change in the world while operating in your highest potential...

Then this work is for you.

If you still have questions, Corey and Rha hosted a Q&A session: