Meet Our Creative Team:

Co-Founder, White Awakening

Rha is the founder and CEO of Move The Crowd and author of The Calling. She has dedicated over 30 years to helping people find their true purpose and calling. An integral part of that work is helping people meet the challenges of our times so they can lead in ways that are more loving, compassionate and inclusive.

Co-Founder, White Awakening 

Corey Kupfer is a deal-driven growth strategist, attorney, author and successful entrepreneur. He founded his own law firm, Kupfer & Associates, PLLC in 1992. Corey redefined himself as a world citizen connected to all of humanity after spending time with people in villages of Ghana, Uganda, and India. This redefining is foundational to his work as the co-founder of White Awakening.

CEO, Griot's Eye 

For over 20 years Mr. Fuller has used the power of rapid visualization to assist organizations in telling their stories. This summer, Mr. Fuller was honored to give the opening keynote address at the International Forum of Visual Practitioners 25th Anniversary Conference. 



Co-Founder, Kazi Creative Agency 

Chris Kazi Rolle is a producer, director and co-owner of Kazi Creative Agency is a brand strategy and content creation company that works with public figures to help them mould, market & monetize their personal brands. 



Production Manager, Kazi Creative Agency 

Chanel, mother and entrepreneur with 10+ years experience in Executive support, project management and international event management, channels best practices from these industries into her role as Production Manager with Kazi Creative Agency. Interfacing with the production team, she ensures well-executed productions that support the client’s vision for their brand.


Sheldon is an internationally traveling personality photographer. He has been the creative eye to entrepreneurs, chefs, athletes, politicians, and more for over 15 years. His clientele has ranged from corporations such as Rodan + Fields to celebrities like Tony Baker and Yaya Mayweather. His latest venture is Black Joy Nature collection. 


Founder, Creative Director, Tehuti Films LLC

Robert is the founder and president of Tehuti Films, a boutique production company specializing in socially conscious, short-format content and feature length documentaries. Robert has broadcast credit on Viacom and PBS. Robert is working on a feature length documentary, “HAPI - The Role of Economics on the Development of Civilization”. 

Producer & Cinematographer, Tehuti Films LLC

Akhmerit Nfr Akhu is presently attending New York University at the Tisch School of Arts, where she is earning a Masters of Fine Arts in Film. She is a Director, producer, & writer, alongside her husband with their production company Tehuti Films.


Makeup Artist

Bianca Lopez is a 6 year professional non-union, LA Based makeup artist who has worked on features, short films, print and TV. She aesthetically enhances celebrities, performers, individuals, and entertainers. As the makeup artist she ensures detailed knowledge of the latest products, services and industry techniques. 

Stylist, Live Clothes Minded

Melissa Goodwin is a stylist and creative with a 10 year experience in corporate visual merchandising and fashion content for ASICS, Target and Live Clothes Minded. She has been the personal stylist/shopper to Rha Goddess for 3 years, for photoshoots and speaking engagements. Melissa believes in the message “Wear Who You Are”.

Executive Assistant, Kazi Creative Agency

Akilah Flynn is a Certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and founder of align Coaching. With a passion to help individuals align with and thrive in their life purpose, she dedicates much of her time working as an Executive Assistant to Chris Kazi Rolle at Kazi Creative Agency.