How To Get The Most Out Of This Program 

Sessions & Homework

  • The sessions in this course are a combination of video lectures, storytelling, guided visualizations, interviews and activities to support you in taking a deeper dive into this important work.
  • The sessions  average between 20-30 mins. We recommend you set aside additional time (at least an hour) to reflect and work on the homework after each session. You may also choose to do this course with a friend or colleague - having dialogues after each module is also a really great way to expand your learning.
  • There is homework after almost every session. The homework assignments are designed to support your reflections and insights as well as to help you take important steps on your awakening journey. Assignments include journal questions, worksheet activities, assigned readings, etc. 
  • Be sure to give yourself time to complete and revisit these assignments as part of your participation in the course.

Resources & Supporting Materials

  • This course is a lot to digest and we have provided additional resources and supporting materials in each of the modules if you choose to go deeper or want more information on the assignments and concepts discussed.
  • These additional materials are not a part of the 'assigned' work but are presented as another layer of support for you as you become more familiar with the frameworks, historical events and phenomena discussed in the course.

Live and Recorded Q&As: 

As you go through the course, we are certain that questions are going to arise.  If you are part of the launching cohort, you’ll have the opportunity to attend Live Q&A sessions with Corey and Rha. You can find the schedule below.  If you are taking this course post our inaugural launch the recorded Q&A sessions have been added as in your member area.

All sessions are 4-5pm PST/7-8pm EST.

Tuesday, Jan. 5 Zoom Room:

Thursday, Feb. 4 Zoom Room:

Tuesday, March 2 Zoom Room: 

Thursday, Apr. 1st Zoom Room:

Tuesday, May 4th Zoom Room:

Thursday, June 3rd Zoom Room:

Thursday, July 1st Zoom Room:


Thursday, Sept. 9th Zoom Room:

Tuesday, Oct. 5th Zoom Room:

Thursday, Nov. 4th Zoom Room:

Tuesday, Dec. 7th Zoom Room:

Things to Keep in Mind 

  • Go easy on yourself. You are showing up for something that is not easy! Be tender and compassionate with your journey as you experience new realizations and discover blind spots.
  • Honor your feelings when they arise. White Awakening is designed to help illuminate all of the conscious and unconscious ways in which all of us have been dehumanized and have sadly, dehumanized others. It is natural to expect that intense thoughts and feelings will come up. 
  • If you have questions, comments, or insights and want to share them with others doing this work, please share them in the comment section of the module.
  • Stay in the momentum of the course, do not allow yourself to get sidelined or distracted. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable - stay with the feeling and continue to do the work.   
  • This is a journey and though it will get tough at times, the reward will be worth it as you emerge through the rehumanization process on the other side.
  • Trauma Triggers - if you find yourself being triggered, please be sure to seek additional support as needed. Sometimes, awakening can bring with it unexpected memories or the reliving of painful events. We want you to take good care of yourself so if you need an added layer of support in terms of a therapist or coach, we highly recommend it.
  • If you have questions, comments, or insights and want to share them with others doing this work, please share them in the comment section of the module.
  • As emotions come up - keep observing your internal dialogue.  Use the homework prompts to help process whatever comes up for you. 
  • Also, be sure to bring your questions to our Live Q&A sessions. See the schedule above.

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