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I. Online Course Platforms:


What we love about this platform is the range of disciplines it features. We highly recommend this one for our more creative folks who are looking to reach audiences that want to build and strengthen their skills. They’ve even launched a program to help you design and sell your courses on their platform.

Kajabi Consultant Support:

Rex Anderson:

Rex is a member of our High Performance Community (shout out Brendon Burchard). He is a veteran techy and has created a business specifically targeted at helping people get set up on Kajabi.


This is a great resource and opportunity if you want to GROW your leads. And you have no interest in building the technology to house your initial Opt -In offerings. This is considered to be a great platform for experts and thought leaders and tends to draw in more organizational professionals who are looking to build and grow their skills.


This course creation tool is now THE go to for live and pre-recorded training. Whether you want to shoot directly to the camera (you just talking), interviews with others, or a powerpoint/keynote presentation with your voice over it. You can do it quickly and super easily with Zoom. From podcasts, to bonus content, to formal course presentations- Zoom can handle it. They also have a webinar feature which enables you to manage your invitations and registrations without leaving the platform. Zoom is also building in all kinds of new cool features since COVID -19 to make it even easier to connect with others.


This is our number ONE recommendation for DIY. They are crushing it right now in terms of creating a very simple drag and drop solution for course creation among people who don’t want to hire a whole tech team in order to build their platform out. They have the ability to host your website, sales and landing pages and your course - creating a seamless experience for your clients and a super easy set up experience for YOU. Their technical assistance is awesome and they have an active community of people who help others set up their platforms for a fee.

FB Communities: Launching programs have active FB communities which are great places to find people.

Check out:

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula

Chalene Johnson’s Marketing Impact Academy

Kajabi Member Community

II. Social Media & Branding:

RED Perspective - Regina Dowdell:

If you want passionate social media support and phenomenal expertise specifically in the realms of IG, Facebook and PR strategy, then RED is an awesome option. Regina is one of the lead team members on my brand and has worked magic with my online platforms. Even if you just reach out for a paid 90 minute consultation you’ll receive incredible value. RED has also started a training series (because Regina is a rockstar and cannot clone herself fast enough!). This is a must do- no matter where you wind up for your day to day support.

PURPOSE Productions - A. Nia Austin Edwards:

Another Gem! This house is particular to working with artists, creatives and those who are passionate about the intersection of creativity and social justice. They provide a full suite of social media and digital services in addition to project management and operations support.

Cara Parrish Marketing:

We LOVE them!! Cara is a genius and has put together an incredible team in order to provide a full suite of online and digital marketing services. They specialize in personal brands and love to work with people who are passionate about making a difference.

A Better Jones - Kasey Jones: 

Kasey is a brilliant marketing and branding resource. Her company tends to work with larger entities however, she has a great passion for making a difference in the world and is starting to offer courses to support more solo-preneurs.

Devini Freeman:

FB Ad and SM specialist - leads courses in how to do it yourself, they also take on larger clients and connect you to resources that can do it for you depending upon your budget.

III. Content Creation & Tech Support:

Kazi Creative Agency - Chris Kazi Rolle: 

If you are looking to create world class content that reflects your brand and really engages people in your wisdom as a thought leader - then you absolutely want to check out Kazi Creative. Kazi is a genius at understanding how to connect with an audience and gain their loyalty. From content consultations to full on production, he and his crew are masters.


This is where the creative cremé de la cremé hang out. From web to graphic design and other forms of digital marketing. If you have a bigger budget and it has to look amazing. Check out this platform.


Awesome platform for finding great project oriented talent with a high level of skill - particularly in the areas of digital marketing and content creation. What we love about upwork is that they rate their candidates and also give you background on how much they’ve earned on the platform. They also support a wide range of budgets with talent resources from all over the world. Finally, they have a great feature where you can directly reach out to desired candidates, post a job, filter your criteria for searching to ensure that you get the best options possible.


Similar to UpWork, this is an all inclusive digital marketing freelancer platform that enables you to select the talent you need in order to complete project based work. This platform is particularly strong in graphic design and marketing copywriting support. Not as pricey and top shelf as Behance but still really solid in terms of the quality of work.

Creative Circle:

Don’t have the time to search for creative talent? These folks do it for you! Just give them your criteria and they will start sending candidates your way. From content creation, digital editing to social media support, creative writing to ad copy - they’ve got you! Not only do they give you the short list- but they also help set up the meetings for you! It’s like having your own HR team. This option is a bit more expensive but when you want quality prospects without having to do all the leg work they are a good option.


If you are willing to engage with talent from all over the globe and get it done for super cheap and/or in a time crunch, then Freelancer is your go to. You can price your projects and/or put up a post and have Freelancers bid on it. When vetting prospects- do pay attention to referrals so that you have a sense of how well each freelancer works with others. One of the reasons why we like Upwork is because this information is more prominent. This is a great resource. We just encourage you to do a bit of due diligence to ensure you’re getting the best candidate for the job.


Phenomenal DIY resource for social posts, or even to grab templates for landing pages. If you are feeling creative but don’t have a ton of time, Canva is your go to. Budget friendly, good support, and quick and easy options that look amazing.

IV. Virtual Assistants:

True. Paid. Good. Mastermind

Expert VA Training:


We like this site a lot because you can search by location as well as by area of expertise which allows you to potentially have a one stop shop solution. They also have a very streamlined process for setting up consultation conversations. This platform was created by a mega virtual assistant who has trained a nationwide network of virtual assistants in how to run their businesses focused on their expertise. Brilliant concept and lots of talented resources on this site.

True. Paid. Good. Mastermind

Belay Solutions:


If you are looking for seasoned executive level support to manage the details of your professional reality while you focus on writing that book or creating that course, etc. These are your folks. They are pricier than most VA platforms because they curate seasoned talent with a wide array of skills. If you are looking for a true veteran high level Executive Assistant - this might be your best option.

True. Paid. Good. Mastermind

Fancy Hands:


This site boasts the ability to have it’s assistants do lots of things but one of the things we’ve found that they are excellent at is RESEARCH. If you have a research project and don’t mind their payment structure, this is a great option. We highly recommend them if you have multiple projects month over month and just need an extra set of very competent hands.

True. Paid. Good. Mastermind

Connected Women:


We love this option because it is a social impact company. If you want to work with an organization that is by women, for women. Here’s a great option. They provide initial HR support, they offer packages for a wide range of budgets. And you only pay them if you select one of their vetted candidates.

LIVE Event & Retreat Support:



 This is our go to. You can simply plug in your zip code and get access to a community of Taskers who are there to help you. If you just need an extra set of really competent hands at a live event or virtual event. We’ve had awesome results and even have a few favorites that we use regularly.

Financial Resources:

Profit First Professionals:


When it comes to your finances, you do not want to mess around. Launching can be a scary process. We know! Not only are you putting your product out in the world, you are also building and/or managing a business. We are HUGE fans of the Profit First model and we highly recommend that you read the book FIRST - so that you have a sense of how it works - then use this resource to find your own Profit First Professional.

Online Course Platforms

Profit First Resource:

Connie Vanderzanden:

We’ve worked with Connie and used her genius to support our clients over the past two years and we love her! She is a Profit First Certified Cash Flow Specialist. And can help you get clear about what financial resources you need in order to best manage and grow your business.


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