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True.Paid.Good. Online Summit

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The True.Paid.Good.

Online Summit offers an unforgettable collection of roundtable experiences that are all about helping you build the massive contribution and impact your calling is destined to have on this world.

When you virtually engage with this powerful series, you’ll be inspired, challenged, motivated, and encouraged. You’ll leave with a spark ignited (or a flame kindled) -- you’ll leave ready to take on the world and continue the process of turning your calling into a reality.

rue.Paid.Good. Online Summit

Because here’s the truth:

So many of us struggle with our desire to make a difference. Why? Because so many other things feel like they’re in the way.

Due to barriers that are institutional, societal, structural, personal and more -- we often feel like we can’t create the change we desire to create. If you’ve ever felt the weight of that before, you are not alone!
And yet, we’re here to tell you that overcoming those hurdles can be done. Not only that, but it must be done.

If you’re ready to follow your calling, pursue your passion, and respond to the universe, you need to sit down, turn up the volume, and experience Rha’s keynote presentation at Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy.

Your dream matters. Your calling matters. Our world needs you to show up, show out, and create change.

That’s why we’ve brought together powerful guests who have powerfully demonstrated their own ability to show up, stay true, do good, and get paid doing it! In this on-demand video series, you’ll get to hear from them for a combined 3+ hours!

Your summit experience includes:

  • Stay True: Expert Roundtable
  • Get Paid: Expert Roundtable
  • Do Good: Expert Roundtable


Our expert roundtable discussions feature

amazing guests, including:


Rue Mapp

Founder and CEO of Outdoor Afro


Melinda Epler

CEO of Change Catalyst


Niyc Pidgeon

Founder of Unstoppable Success


William Caballero

Multimedia Producer & 2021 Creative Capital Award Recipient


Jamia Wilson

Vice President & Executive Editor of Random House


Claudia Chan

Creator of S.H.E. Summit

Will you join us?


True. Paid. Good.
Live. Love. Lead.

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