Redefine your wealth and make an impact with
entrepreneurial soul coach Rha Goddess.

Making Money, Making Change

Build Your Business, Make a Profit, and Serve the World

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Almost all of us have been indoctrinated into a disempowering relationship with money.

In order to participate in the economy and generate wealth, we believe we have to make sacrifices—with our time, our energy, our values, and even our true selves.

We expect wealth to be hard, to be complicated, and to back us into the corner, forcing us to choose between what we desire (freedom, joy, abundance) and what must be (exhaustion, lack, scarcity). We know that we are “supposed” to work ourselves to the bone...and still be barely scraping by.

Burn-out and money-related anxiety are much too common parts of our lives.

Money doesn’t have to be this hard.

What if the calling in your heart—the one that would fill you with joy, make a difference in the world, and use all your natural gifts—could actually pay you real money? As amazing as this sounds, chances are that at least some sort of negative emotions are going to arise when you imagine this possibility.

Rha grounds her teachings within the dynamics of our current economic system, awakening you to a relationship with wealth that is both radical and practical.

Throughout this six-part course, you’ll discover that it is within your power to participate in a new type of economy, one that aligns with your values and welcomes your whole self to participate. You’ll liberate yourself from old ideas about what’s possible, clarify and share your authentic values and gifts, and unapologetically show up in an economy that serves you and the world.

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Your step-by-step blueprint for defining and achieving a new kind of financial success.


Redefine wealth and make an impact with entrepreneurial soul coach Rha Goddess. In her words, Making Money, Making Change is an audio course for anyone who wants to “stay true, do good, and get paid.”

As a result of this course, our students are getting clear about their current state with Money. They are seeing what is possible for them in terms of moving from where they are, to where they want to be. They are getting clear about what “the work” is.

In a nutshell, they finally understand what it is that THEY need to process and move through in order to reach their financial freedom vision.

This includes:

  • Recognizing & breaking through blocks
  • Cultivating a clear plan of action
  • Getting on course to fully commit to that plan

“The vibration of the currency of money already belongs to you,” Rha teaches, “and accessing this energy is your birthright.”

With Making Money, Making Change, Rha Goddess shares a new, provocative definition of money as an all-loving, all-providing energy that permeates every living being—including you.

When you get this new course, you’ll be empowered to:

  • Unearth and rewrite your inherited stories around money
  • Discover a more timeless, cosmic, and life-affirming definition of wealth
  • Clarify your highest contribution to the world and align with your purpose
  • Reclaim your right to fully participate in our economy in a way that enlivens you
  • Overcome obstacles and take bold, courageous action toward financial success
  • Up-level your relationship with Source, the true origin of all abundance
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