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Hello Beloveds!
My gift to you is this meditation practice to help reduce your anxiety during this uncertain time.
- Rha


7 Tips For Meditating:

Step 1:

Find a quiet place.

Step 2:

Sit or lay in a comfortable posture.

Step 3:

Have a journal or something to write on.

Step 4:

Listen to the meditation.

Step 5:

Jot down any major insights or affirmations you want to revisit.

Step 6:

Use your journal to reflect on any insights that may arise. You can also use these writing prompts:

Writing Prompt: What are my concerns right now? What can I control/affect? What must I release and let go of? How can I allow the universe to support me?

Step 7:

Work with this mantra, whenever you start to feel anxious:

Mantra: All is well: I’m grounded and calm - I address what is mine to address and leave the rest to god, the universe and the divine mystery.


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