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Medipreneur- Relationships Meditation:

Guided Meditation & Affirmations


- GIFT: Guided Meditation
For Cultivating Authentic & Loving Relationships


-BONUS: Guided Affirmations
For Loving & Authentic Daily Interactions

Your Homework

#1. Continue to work on your vision for your Top 3 Most Important Relationships: Use these meditations; to support your process. Continue to journal and dialogue around these questions and observe any new insights or revelations that occur as a result. The goal here is to get you to start engaging with the most important people in your life in a really loving and authentic way.

#2. Choose ONE action that you are going to take each week to cultivate, nurture, heal and or grow your most important relationships. This can be anything from attending a networking event to having a loving and fierce conversation with your Beloved and anything in between. The goal is to get on the court and start applying your learning immediately. Use all of the above to take your most important connections to the next level!


True. Paid. Good.
Live. Love. Lead.

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