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The average Move The Crowd family member reports not only a growth in their income but in feeling good about their impact! 

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This Masterclass is the fruit of years of soul coaching with high-impact players. Some of my clients run billion-dollar companies and some of them are hustling entrepreneurs.

What they all have in common, whether they are making money or not, is a mindset about money. You may not know what you believe about money, but I can guarantee you that it impacts your income.
So, I’m ready for you to get real.

In this Masterclass, we will unpack the foundational beliefs about your worth and value. It’s time to get paid!

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In this class we will help you:

Explore your doubts about worthiness, guilt, and poverty shame to understand how it impacts financial decisions

Create a new definition of success that’s aligned with your passions and values

Shift your internal dialogue about wealth to improve your ability to serve

I believe that you have

the right and ability to 

Get Paid, Stay True and Do Good.


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