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You want more sales? More of the RIGHT followers? More credibility?

Join Cara Parrish, award-winning marketer and influencer for Google, Dove, Harley-Davidson and many more household names, and Rha Goddess's own incredible social media marketer, Regina Dowell, for this coaching session in a community of beloved change-makers who are growing themselves, their businesses, and their impact.

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Are you trying to get your social media to translate to sales but it's not growing like you want it to?

If so, you might be:

Overwhelmed with all the different places and tools you could use to market your products and services. Should you be on TikTok? What about all the different analytics tools? Do you need those?

Struggling to stand in your value when you don't think the outside numbers reflect your true expertise. You might have lots of credentials but that follower count isn't showing it.

Frustrated that you’re still in “side hustle” mode. Are you whispering when you should be yelling your content loud and proud because you still have a boss who might be watching?

Suffering from imposter syndrome. You've committed to answering your calling but with all these influencers in the space who are you to be pumping out all this content?

“Move The Crowd helped me work smarter...which resulted in better structures, less stress, more free time and a $100K revenue increase over the previous year.”

- Kristen, Founder

You know that you need to be better at social media, but you may be paralyzed by fear, and filled with questions like, “Will I have to be on my phone 24 hours a day? Will people like what I have to say?”

Or you may feel that you don’t know what content to create or what social media strategy is best for you.

Or you may be looking to find a way to build your following without creating a miserable dependence on social media!

Ultimately, you know you have a message to share. We’re here to help you do it by tapping into the sustainable power of platforms.

“Regina provided marketing strategy wizardry and a great personality to work with. 100% recommend to anyone who's ready to move the needle on their digital marketing presence.”

- Joy, Founder