Grow Your Platform

Your Strategies for Long Term Profits & Sustainable Success

Join Move The Crowd Coaches - Monika Moss-Gransberry & Stephanie Staidle - and our incredible social media marketer - Regina Dowell - for this strategy-packed Grow Your Platform workshop.

Do you have a strategy for profitably and sustainably growing your business via online platforms?

If so, you might be:

  • Overwhelmed with all the different advice about how to best market your product/services... 
  • Struggling to stand in your value and credibility…
  • Suffering from imposter syndrome…
  • Frustrated that you’re still in “side hustle” mode...

You’re also likely aware that you need to get out there and post more on social media, but you may be paralyzed by fear, and filled with questions like, “Will I be rejected? Will people like what I have to say?”

Or you may feel that you don’t know what content to create, or what social media strategy is best for you.

Or you may be looking to find a way to build your following without creating a miserable dependence on social media!


“The conversation [with Stephanie] really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I was getting quite comfortable with lacking clarity, and now I am fully in the discomfort zone of being clear and bringing my vision to life!"
- Rachel

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Ultimately, you know you have a message to share.

We’re here to help you do it by tapping into the sustainable power of platforms.

In this workshop you will:

  • Cut through all the marketing noise and finally get clear on the best strategy for your unique business
  • Discover the best performing branding model for sustained profitability and impact across industries
  • Understand what is really in the way of building your platform and start to remove those blocks right away
  • Learn proven techniques for overcoming fear, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm
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This Grow Your Platform Workshop is for you if:

  • You have been spinning your wheels while trying to understand social media and how to build your following
  • You get blocked by a lack of confidence or imposter syndrome
  • You want to find a marketing and brand strategy that feels authentic and aligned to your calling
  • You want to cut through all the noise and know what REALLY works to build your platform and loyal followers

This free workshop is run by two business owners & coaches with a combined 30 years of experience, plus our social media manager, Regina, who’s here to give you the insider tips!

“Regina provided marketing strategy wizardry and a great personality to work with. 100% recommend to anyone who's ready to move the needle on their digital marketing presence.”
- Joy

“Monika helped me work smarter...which resulted in better structures, less stress, more free time and a $100K revenue increase over the previous year.”
- Kristen

At Move The Crowd, we pride ourselves on whole person success. We want you to create a business that lives at the intersection of personal passion, community advocacy, and profitability. 

Finding your True-Paid-Good is the ultimate goal, and building a sustainable business in support of your vision is what makes our clients happy, successful, and impactful.


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