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Who is Michael Clark?

Michael Clark is a Move The Crowd coach and sales strategist. With years spent working with countless entrepreneurs, Michael has honed an eye for the recurring slip-ups that even the savviest business minds can stumble upon – especially in the realm of pricing. His mission is simple yet profound: To steer you clear of these common oversights and craft a pricing strategy that's as unique and ambitious as you and your business.

"Coach Michael is phenomenal! He is passionate about seeing his clients grow personally and professionally! I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to take their life and business to the next level!"

Rosie Thames

The Best Selling Book Coach

"Beyond his exceptional coaching skills, Michael is a pleasure to work with! He is professional, reliable, and dedicated to his client’s success. His passion for helping individuals succeed is evident in every interaction. If you want to enhance your presentation skills and make a lasting impact with your pitches, I wholeheartedly recommend Michael."

Daina Houghton

Dainty Radiance Candle

"I can't say enough about Michael. He changed my whole way of thinking when it came to my business. He gave me the confidence to walk away from my 9 to 5 and become a full-time entrepreneur."

Janene Ackles

Grantastic Consulting, Inc.

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