Born To Shine

Born To Shine is a high-impact leadership initiative
dedicated to the True Ambition™ of Women of Color

We are in the midst of a defining moment. One where our unique visions, talents, and perspectives are needed more than ever. After years of contributing to the success of everyone else’s dreams and missions, it is finally our time to nurture and cultivate our own visions.

Whether we feel compelled to build something of our own or simply operate with a new brand of authenticity and autonomy in our lives and our life’s work, we recognize the value of having a sacred and empowering space where we can come together to reclaim, realign and reimagine.

Born To Shine is a multi-dimensional community of practice that consists of powerful dialogue, customized training, and immersive in-person experiences all designed to help us achieve our true ambitions.


Our Born To Shine Power Talk Series
explores the power of our personal journeys
through the lens of leadership and ambition.

This series features self-made WOC and incredible co-conspirators who have carved out their own authentic path with phenomenal success. The purpose of our series is to showcase the range of opportunities our featured guests have taken to establish their own unique brand and voice in their field, as well as unlock what their journey was to get there.


“Being with other women of color leaders created
a space to support each other’s vision, without feeling like we have to hide everything that makes that hard.”

- Salima B, Tech Executive

Deep Dives

Your participation in Born To Shine gives you access to customized training opportunities that enable you to pursue your passion and purpose while increasing the knowledge, skills, and resources you need to succeed on your terms.

Join our Calling Membership community where you'll receive access to monthly Group Coaching Sessions and Quarterly Deep Dives dedicated to helping you achieve your own unique brand of authenticity, profitability, and impact.


Private Coaching

Looking for your own private strategic thought partner, cheerleader and accountability structure? As a member of the Born To Shine community, you’ll have the chance to work with one of Move The Crowd's seasoned experts in the form of a Sr. Coach.

Our coaches bring well over a century of combined experience and expertise supporting leaders and visionaries from all sectors and walks of life in achieving their highest visions for success. From architecting your emancipation plan to shifting old patterns and roadblocks our coaches have you covered.


“This retreat came at the exact time I needed to support my journey forward. I loved that it was completely heart-centered and opening. Rha and the community she is cultivating have my deepest gratitude.”

- Karimah H, Sustainability Expert

This intimate series of immersive in-person experiences are designed to help you meet this unique moment in your life and leadership with greater vision, courage, agency, and permission.

Drawn from our signature mastermind programs, these 1-3 day retreats offer a unique combination of in-depth dialogue, customized capacity building, and collaborative strategic thought partnering interspersed with unique dining and land-based rituals and excursions. Register for a retreat if you feel called to be in a sacred sisterhood that invites you to align with your highest contribution!

June 29 - July 1

Born To Shine Retreat
Temecula, CA


Immerse yourself this Summer

in the sprawling hillsides and rolling vineyards of the wine country’s best-kept secret Temecula, CA as we gather to deepen our connections and strengthen our strategic visions.

“My VIP experience with like-minded powerhouse women was incredible. I am blessed beyond measure to have been invited. Rha is a force and her ability to dissect those needed conversations was masterful. Thank you so much for your heart of service and change."

- Jeanette C., Business and Spirituality Influencer