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Badass Creatives

Bring your message to the world

Are you an author, speaker, web, film or TV content creator who wants to share your message and become a major influencer?

Who is this for? This customized program is designed to serve passionate storytellers and creative changemakers who want to make a difference in the world by promoting their message to larger audiences through channels like books, films, TV, and web

Badass Creatives is a 9-month training and mentoring program designed to help you:

  • Create a compelling Influencer brand with real social impact
  • Leverage your creative genius to create irresistible content
  • Maximize your exposure through the right platforms and vehicles
  • Master the art of crafting a winning pitch for any concept or idea
  • Gain access to real insider knowledge and industry secrets

What You Get:

Custom Curriculum

No two Badasses are the same—that’s why your coach will design courses to meet you exactly where you are. You’ll get what you need when you need it.


Step-by-step Guidance

Your coach will take you through every facet of the business. Get the nuts and bolts and the hidden business secrets to becoming a successful brand.


Relationships–not just with the playas, but peers– are essential to success. Growing alongside like-minded leaders is the quickest way to establish and build your network.


Personal Power & Integrity

In this industry, slimy is out and authenticity is in. Build the strength and personal power you need to stand in your vision with integrity.


Media Outlets That Have Been Pitched Through BadAss

Meet Ella Turenne

Principal,Turenne Group, LLC

"Coaching with Move The Crowd has given me the space to do deep, intentional, personal work that moves my artistic and professional work forward."

  • Launched The Turenne Group, a creative company focused on art and social change
  • Increased business revenue by over 100% in first year of launch
  • Premiered the solo show Love, Locs & Liberation in Los Angeles and toured nationally and internationally
  • Currently developing 2 television projects for acquisition and production.
  • Co-founded Create Justice, an initiative seeking to create a pipeline for formerly incarcerated youth into creative economy jobs.

Meet Annie Escobar

Founder & CEO, Awake Storytelling

"Working with Jlove and Move The Crowd has helped me step into my power, share my voice with the world and nearly triple my income."

  • Annie's income increased by 286% (from $100,000 to $286,000!)
  • Developed Change the Story Change the World workshop, which she led with over 300 people in the United States, Macedonia and Kazakhstan
  • Led a film-making project with a dream client, taking her to 15 cities across the country
  • Created videos for 10+ organizations that were seen by over 150,000 people and helped raise tens of millions of dollars for important social change movements

Meet Adam Rosendahl

Founder & MC, Late Nite Art

"As a visual artist turned entrepreneur, I've had to shed many layers of limiting beliefs about myself and my business. The work is deep! Through coaching with JLove and Move the Crowd, I've found a game-changing partnership that has expanded my mindset, and led to consistent breakthrough and success."

  • Reached over 6,000 people and 160+ events across 10 countries
  • Hired his first employee
  • Broke over $100K in revenue 2 years in a row
  • Worked with clients like Instagram, Yahoo, Accenture, Pandora, Kaiser Permanente, US Department of Probation, US Department of Public Health, Clif Bar, Mexico Tourism Board, SAP, The Gap, and the YMCA

Curriculum Overview

Industry Overview

Lesson 1: Get insight on the most up-to-date entertainment landscape of Books, TV / Linear, Digital, Film and Speaking

Lesson 2: Understand where you fit into the global content landscape given your specific experiences, desires, and content

The World of Distribution

Lesson 1: Get in-depth knowledge on the different types of distribution, and an assessment on which path is best for you

Lesson 2: Dos and Don’ts of exclusive vs. non-exclusive, and other strategy tips

Industry Standard Packaging

Lesson 1: Walk through the specific goals and objectives of a sizzle reel, and learn how that impacts the creative arc. You’ll also get two rounds of editing notes.

Lesson 2: We’ll give you templates for treatments, budgets, one-pagers, two-pagers, decks, and pitch materials.

The Key to Phenomenal Content

Lesson 1: How to create platform agnostic content that will get eyeballs and sell.

Your Proposition to the Market

Lesson 1: Gain clarity on where your value prop meets the market.

Powerful Pitching

Lesson 1: Learn how to get access to pitch meetings

Lesson 2: Learn how to own the room when you’re pitching.

Funding your content

Lessons 1-2: A two-part series that teaches you all the strategies for funding your content.

Dealmaking 101

Lesson 1: How to create lucrative multi-level, cross platform collaborations

Lesson 2: See what it takes to close the deal

The Nuts & Bolts

Lessons 1-2: All the unsexy but necessary information you need to know!

Meet Your Coach

JLove Calderón

Senior Coach + Trainer

JLove in addition to being a Sr. Coach and Trainer with Move The Crowd, JLove consults with technology, entertainment and lifestyle companies as a Social Impact Strategist. Through this work, she helps create innovative, transformative products, live events and experiences while focusing on a triple bottom-line impact: people, planet, profit.

She is the author of That White Girl, which has been optioned for film. She has also co-edited four books, and is the winner in the social change category of the National Indie Excellence Awards. JLove’s production company and short films, ASIA-ONE: Expect The Unexpected, and From Gangs to Gardens, have received over 18 million viewers.

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Badass Creatives

Bring your message to the world

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