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Explore our FREE tools, tips and resources for conscious entrepreneurs, creatives and changemakers. Enjoy!

Guide: Leading With Love

Running your business rooted in love sounds great, but how can we actually pull it off day-in, day-out? This guide gives you practical tools to lead with love.

Guide: How To Find And Keep A Mentor

We all need mentors — no matter how successful or experienced we are. We need role models to guide us, inspire us and believe in our greatness. This guide helps you find, cultivate and get the most out of this essential relationship.

Guide: Summoning Courage

It takes courage to admit what we really want — and then to go for it. Here we help you articulate your vision and take steps to make it your True+Paid+Good reality!

Guide: Leaping From The Corporate Ladder

Have you been dreaming about leaving your “corporate job” for the wide open skies of entrepreneurship? This guide helps you take the plunge, lean into your dream and thrive in the transition.

Guide: Bringing Your Whole Self To The Party

Real success means showing up to work while embracing the full spectrum of who you BE. This guide shows you how.

Expert Video: Sacred Success With Barbara Stanny

There is another way to achieve wealth and power than the prevailing conventional methods. When we understand this other way, financial success will not just be a practical process it will be a spiritual practice. Barbara’s here to show us the way.

Expert Video: Growing At The Speed Of Culture With Terry Young

Watch Terry Young, ​CEO, Sparks & Honey, as he shares his insights on how to leverage cultural trends and insights to more efficiently and effectively reach your target audiences.

Expert Video: Harness The Power of PR with Susan Linder

Watch Susan Linder, ​CEO, Emerging Media PR, presenting The Power of Public Relations, as she leads this working session on how to harness the power of PR for your venture. Do you have a unique and innovative approach to spreading the word about your work? Unsure where to start? Roll up your sleeves. Get ready to dig in.

Book: Occupying Privilege by JLove Calderón

Brilliant anthology raising the voices of today’s cultural icons written by Move The Crowd’s Chief Brand Ambassador and TPG Academy Coach, JLove Calderón.

Book: Life Mapping by Monika Moss

Written by MTC coach Monika Moss, this engaging book guides you through a life enhancing process with an opportunity for you to get clear about what you want and what is standing in your way. This book allows you to put into daily practice all concepts and values you have learned over your lifetime. Moss writes in a natural and conversational tone. Her guidance is purposeful and non-judgemental.

Book: Embracing Cultural Competency

MTC coach Monika Moss co-authors this book on building cultural competency in the nonprofit sector. The book helps readers grapple with the urgent issues that can transform capacity builders into change agents.

Book: The Educational Secret

A powerful new vision for re-igniting the passion for learning in today’s youth. Written by Move The Crowd Brand Ambassador and TPG Academy Coach, Ami Desai.

Detroit Future Youth Curriculum Mixtape

Inspired by the vibrant movement to restore Detroit’s economy and place new models for economic empowerment in the hands of it’s youth check out the work of TPG Academy Entrepreneurs, Alia Harvey Quinn and Ilana Weaver of Detroit Future Youth.

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