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“Move The Crowd puts the word ‘spirit’ in entrepreneurial spirit.” – Gabby Bernstein, NYT bestselling author, named a thought leader by Oprah, Alumni



“I received an incredible amount of confidence in my venture, my leadership and in my vision for the world.” – Anurag Gupta, Founder, OFREE, Academy Member


“The Academy has given me the opportunity to develop my own philosophy for doing business – in a way that honors sufficiency for me AND my community.” -  Invincible/Ill Weaver, Co-Founder/Principal, Emergence Media, Alumni


“I feel at home and spiritually well-fed at Move The Crowd. It is affirming to be in the midst of fabulous, like-spirited, like-minded, and like-intentioned entrepreneurs.” - Jacquette  Timmons, Financial Rebel, Coach and Author, Presenter & Collaborator