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Working with Move the Crowd has transformed me. It has helped me take my organization to the next level and helped me grow as a leader and change agent, which helps me and my team build this movement for gender parity.

What is the Academy?

The True+Paid+Good Academy is our 9-month entrepreneurial training that challenges you to forget cookie-cutter success and start dreaming out of the box. Designed for next generation movers and shakers looking to leverage their “work” as a vehicle for personal growth, creative expression, financial freedom and real social impact. This experience is…

  • Intimate: One-on-One Executive Coaching. You'll have bi-weekly calls with your match-made-in-heaven strategic thought-partner, leadership coach, life coach and personal champion.
  • Real: Stellar Community. Connect with other passionate change-makers from different industries and backgrounds. Who you surround yourself with matters.
  • Customized: 100% Customized Curriculum. We meet you where you are and tailor your experience to support your unique goals. No two Academy experiences are alike.
  • Rigorous: Specialized Training from The Experts. From finance and operations to social media and sales, our leading experts teach you what they know and coach you toward success.
  • Empowering: Leadership Ignition. YOU have the capacity to inspire others, to listen and to lead. Align your business goals with your heart's passion and life's purpose.
  • Flexible: At Your Fingertips. With our virtual platform, we shepherd dreams from all over the world. No matter where life takes you, you can always dive right in.

Testimonials from Members & Alumni

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If Any of This Sounds Like You...

It’s time to take the leap and sign up for your free session with an expert coach.

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What is the Structure? How Would I Be Supported?

Move The Crowd works from the inside-out. Before diving into practical nuts-and-bolts, triple-bottom-line business training, we help you explore and reframe your mindset. Unlike other trainings, we realize that your power lies in your uniqueness. That radical authenticity is the only road to success. It’s deep, subtle, powerful work – but you’ll get surprising clarity on who you are, what you’re about and your big vision for changing the world. We hold sacred space for your dream – and then give you the tools and support to actually make it happen. Each entrepreneur’s experience is unique and highly customized.

18 Bi-Weekly Private Coaching Sessions with your very own executive coach: One-on-one sessions provide you with the “growing-edge” support and accountability you need to articulate and achieve your goals. Think of this seasoned expert as your very own strategic thought-partner, leadership coach and champion who will hold your feet to your own fire. Expect advice that honors your real-world constraints, counsel that keeps you focused on your ultimate goal, and the occasional come-to-Jesus conversations that bring you back to what’s really important. And breakthroughs...BIG breakthroughs.

3 Learning Huddles: These intimate, in-depth sessions give you invaluable tools and insights from passionate, values-driven experts. While each one focuses on a different mission-critical topic, they all give you tools and frameworks to immediately apply to your business, and a deep-dive Q&A session where you get on-the-spot counsel.

1 Live & 2 Virtual Academy Mastermind Sessions: In true “hot seat” fashion, we leverage the talent, creativity and expertise of the entire Academy toward any opportunity or challenge facing your venture.

Membership to Our Brand Ambassador Program: You spread the love. We share the wealth. Invite those you love and admire to participate in any of our programs. They get special discounts. You get special rewards and the chance to be a leader in the growing True+Paid+Good movement.

Special Discounts: Enjoy a full year of exclusive discounts on our products and services.

Following an initial assessment, we’ll co-create your custom True+Paid+Good Academy curriculum based on your unique needs and priorities.

Subject areas include:

• Business Strategy
• Leadership Development
• Product Innovation
• Target Market Identification
• Branding
• Marketing & Sales
• Lean Operations
• Team Building & Management
• Product & Service Offerings
• Finance
• Negotiation
• Building Social Capital

Who are your Expert Coaches?

Rha Goddess Rha Goddess, Founder, CEO & VIP Coach, Move The Crowd

Rha Goddess combines her hard earned business savvy with her long standing passion for social change to create a conscious entrepreneurial movement dedicated to re-imagining “work” and ushering in a new socio-economic paradigm of True+Paid+Good.

Rha is a cultural innovator and social entrepreneur who brings over two decades of transformational “crowd rockin’” in the name of social change. As a world renowned performing artist and activist, her work has been internationally featured in several compilations, anthologies, forums and festivals. Hailed extensively in rave industry reviews from Time Magazine, Ms. Magazine, The Source and The Miami Herald among others.In her 30+ year tenure as a creative organizer Rha has shaped the face of racial justice and equality, electoral politics, offender aid and restoration, mental health and youth and young women’s empowerment.

She was the 2008 recipient of the National Museum of Voting Rights prestigious Freedom Flame Award and a 2009 recipient of the Herb Alpert Award’s Hedgebrook Prize. In 2009, Rha was part of a special delegation invited to the White House and served as a U.S. Cultural Envoy to Rwanda.

Monika K. Moss-Gransberry Monika K. Moss-Gransberry, Senior Coach + Trainer

For almost 20 years, master mapper and business consultant, Monika K. Moss has dedicated her talents to helping organizations and individuals create powerful road maps to make their vision real. As a Sr. Coach and Trainer with Move The Crowd, and founder and president of MKM Management Consulting, Monika is committed to partnering with others to make a difference by supporting the transformation of individuals and organizations.

A scholar and practitioner, Monika is a published author. Her books include Life Mapping: A Journey of Self Discovery and Path Finding and Embracing Cultural Competency (as a contributing author). She is regular presenter and trainer at regional and national conferences on issues that she has extensive experience including Personal Transformation, Gestalt Organizational Systems Development Theory, Strategy Development, Entrepreneurship, Nonprofit Management, and Cultural Competence & Diversity.

She is currently on the faculty of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s Organizational Systems Development Center and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland.Ms. Moss holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Howard University and Columbia University, respectively.

Josh Van Vliet Josh Van Vliet , Coach + Trainer

Inspired by a belief in human potential, Josh works to facilitate individual and collective transformation in the service of social change.As a dance teacher and certified Empowerment Coach, Josh works to create radical transformation in personal and cultural beliefs about gender and masculinity, in service of liberating and empowering individuals to live and dance more authentically and joyfully.

As Coach and Trainer for Move The Crowd, he supports conscious entrepreneurs to thrive while honoring their most deeply held values and making the difference they feel called to make.He has worked passionately to cultivate empowerment, joy, and community in a variety of settings including mental health centers, elementary schools, dance camps, and through one-on-one coaching. As a case manager with Gilead Community Services, Josh supported clients with mental illness to live independently. As a dance teacher, Josh has taught swing and blues dancing to students through the Yale Swing and Blues club, at dance camps including American Dance and Music week, Terpsichore Dance Holiday, and at Vinnie’s Jump and Jive (a nonprofit community dance studio), and has led movement classes for kids in schools with Recess Rocks.

Josh holds a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Wesleyan University. When he’s not coaching, teaching, and dancing, Josh enjoys playing and singing old swing standards, fusing Irish and French Canadian folk music with a pop sensibility, and otherwise noodling on his guitar. He also loves baking, and makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

JLove Calderon JLove Calderon , Senior Coach + Trainer

JLove is a renown activist, social entrepreneur and producer and is proud to be a Coach and Trainer for Move the Crowd. She is a certified Empowerment Coach, a Literary Coach, and a pro-liberation hip-hop feminist who has spent over two decades working on issues of social justice, race, and gender. She has authored or co-edited five award-winning books including: That White Girl (Atria Books/Simon & Schuster); Love, Race, and Liberation: ‘Til the White Day is Done" (Love-N-Liberation Press); and Occupying Privilege (Love-N-Liberation Press), winner in the 2013 Social Change category of the National Indie Excellence Awards. She’s been featured on Fox TV New York, GritTV with Laura Flanders, WBAI Radio and throughout the blogosphere.

JLove has received the Union Square Award for her activism and Self Magazine’s Self-Starter of the Year Award. She speaks regularly at conferences such as NCORE (National Conference on Race and Ethnicity), the White Privilege Conference, and LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), among others. On the collegiate circuit, she has lectured across the country at countless campuses, including Harvard, UCLA, Columbia, and New York University.

For television and film, she has co-created five docu-reality TV shows that are in various stages of development: Ride Or Die, The Progressive Voice, Off The Grid, and Asia-One; Expect the Unexpected, and Glamour Girls Off The Change Of The World. She is a Co-Producer on the feature film about her life story, That White Girl.

How Do I Know If I'm A Good Fit?

The Academy is highly customized and designed to challenge, support and inspire socially-minded, highly creative entrepreneurs.

MAYBE YOU have an idea for a venture, but need a structure that will support you in clarifying your vision, mission and purpose...and you want help devising a PLAN for getting there. You may be making decent money, but you are not living your passion. Or you may feel like you've had an idea forever and are now you’re finally ready to “take the leap.” You need support in vision development and want to know that someone has your back as you leap into the next thrilling phase of your life.

MAYBE YOU have been freelancing for a long time and have finally decided it’s time to level up. You may have experienced yourself slipping into the “martyr” role – devoting yourself to your passion, but not making any money. Perhaps you’re burned out, stuck on a creative plateau, or treading water in a market that’s been tapped out. You have a solid foundation, but the castle hasn't quite come together yet. You want to be met where you're at on you journey with accountability, strategic thinking and brilliance.

MAYBE YOU have identified your market. You’re moving products, selling services and realizing revenue. But now you’re looking to scale your business to the next level. You need high level strategic support and leadership development to support the growth of your business. You know exactly what you’re doing. You just need the resources, guidance, relationships and capital to take it to the next level.

How Much Is The Investment?

Investing in yourself will always pay off and getting rich absolutely requires investment in YOU. The True Paid Good Academy tuition ranges from $7,500 to $15,000*.

Payment options are as follows:

1. Pay in advance and receive an additional $250 discount.

2. Pay as you go with auto-debit in 12 monthly installments.

* Academy fees differ according to your desired coach and entrepreneurial stage of development (i.e. Emergent, Established, Experienced). Please confirm fees before registration.

Move The Crowd accepts all major credit cards, debit payments and payment by check or money order (payment in full option only).

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If Any of This Sounds Like You...

It’s time to take the leap and sign up for your free session with an expert coach.

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